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  • zeolite molecular sieve types
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  • zeolite molecular sieve industrial applications
  • zeolite molecular sieve uses
  • zeolite molecular sieve types
  • zeolite molecular sieve storage
  • zeolite molecular sieve industrial applications

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SWT is a leading manufacturer of the zeolite molecular sieve. This did not happen overnight as the company has been handling different clients for years now. To ensure that you find the right product, the company can customize the zeolite molecular sieve to your needs. 

When someone is seeking the zeolite molecular sieve, they might be worried about the price. However, SWT can assure you that you would get the zeolite molecular sieve at an affordable price. We ensure that our products are high quality and still competitively priced. 

The zeolite molecular sieve from SWT will be quite good at versatility. You would find such being used in oxygen generators in different fields and many other uses. Because of the different applications, we end up serving people from different parts of the world. We can always get you the best zeolite molecular sieve regardless. 

SWT has also largely invested in the latest production technology of zeolite molecular sieve. This means we can meet the production demands of various clients. Also, all the production is in like with various ISO standards. The idea is to ensure you as the client can still get the right quality from us. Our support team is ready to receive your call and guide you further on what you need to know more about zeolite molecular sieve.


  • Removal of CO2 from natural gas
  • Oxygen production
  • Nitrogen production
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industrial applications
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Zeolite Molecular Sieve: The Best Rated Adsorbent in the Market


The zeolite molecular sieve is quite versatile and common in many industries. The molecular sieve can only do a good job if you buy from a reputable brand such as SWT. If you want to get additional information about the zeolite molecular sieves, continue reading the guide. It should give you all the information that you want. 

What is a Zeolite Molecular Sieve?

zeolite molecular sieve type

Zeolite molecular sieves are among the most selling products from SWT, however, what are they?

The zeolite molecular sieve is described as a crystalline alumina-silicate adsorbent. It is simply an adsorbent used in various applications. 

The zeolite molecular sieve will have a unique structure that allows for the crystallization of water and its subsequent removal. Once the water is removed, you end up with a porous structure. Now this is the molecular sieve that has a high affinity to re-adsorb the water or many other polar molecules depending on where the sieve is used. 

The zeolite molecular sieve is helped by the strong ionic forces thanks to the building components. They use cations such as calcium, potassium, and sodium. You would now find that the zeolite molecular sieve will have a large internal surface of around 100 m2/g. As a result, the molecular sieve would adsorb an impressive amount of water in addition to other compounds too.

Because of the high capacity of the zeolite molecular sieves, you would find them being effective even when the contaminants are very low in concentration. Also, the molecular sieves would remove multiple gas and liquid impurities available in low levels. 

The zeolite molecular sieve is also liked for having the capability to separate the liquids and gases based on the molecular size of the compounds. Polarity can also be used in this case. This characteristic generally makes the zeolite molecular sieve to have the best versatility in various industries. 

What are the Zeolite Molecular Sieve Types?

zeolite molecular sieve different types

SWT specializes in making several zeolite molecular sieve types. The various types of the molecular sieves are classified based on how they work and their applications. Here are the popular options you can get from the company. 

  • Type 3A

This type of zeolite molecular sieve will exclude almost other molecules other than those of water. As such, this type is highly recommended for the drying of natural gas, reactive monomers, and ethanol. Because of its features, you will find it being made by the use of ion-exchanging potassium rather than sodium. 

  • Type 4A

You will also come across this type when looking for zeolite molecular sieves. For this type, the cation used is sodium. This makes it also good as a general-purpose drying agent. Depending on the conditions, it would also be vital for removing carbon dioxide. So, its applications are quite many. 

  • Type 5 A

Rather than the use of sodium or potassium, calcium will be used in this case. The use of calcium leads to formation of strong ionic forces. As such, the resultant molecular sieve is ideal for removing hydrogen sulphide, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and many other weak polar molecules. You will also find it ideal in the separation of the iso-paraffin and normal hydrocarbons. 

  • Type 13X

This has a different and larger pore opening compared to Type A molecular sieves. Because of such a design, it is expected to have a higher capacity as an absorbent. Also, it will offer better mass transfer rates. This type of molecular sieve would be the best to separate nitrogen from the air to help produce a high quality and pure oxygen stream. 

  • Type Y

You will also come across Type Y too. For this type of zeolite molecular sieve, it does feature a higher ratio of silica to alumina. As such, it will be offering an improved adsorption rate of the hydrophobic compounds. It will also impart acid resistance. 

Those mentioned above will be the biggest types of molecular sieves. There can be more depending on the use and sometimes the brand making the zeolite molecular sieves. 

What are the Properties of the Zeolite Molecular Sieve?

zeolite molecular sieve properties

Below are the various zeolite molecular sieves you should know about. 

  • Gas adsorption 

Zeolite molecular sieves are vital for adsorbing the minerals and organic molecules that would be in gas form without modifying their own structures. This is possible because the zeolite molecular sieves will have a high specific surface. It is why the zeolite molecular sieves would be quite common in the gas industry too. 

  • Water adsorption 

The zeolite molecular sieves would also have high affinity to water. This is evident because of its impressive adsorption capacity of around 30% by weight without changing in volume. Whenever regeneration is used, it will help in eliminating the water. 

  • Liquids and mineral adsorption 

In addition to adsorbing gases and water, you would still find the zeolite molecular sieves vital for adsorbing the minerals too. This would for specific types, so make sure you consult with the company first to know which one. Because of this property, the zeolite molecular sieve would be good for applications involving organic chlorine, pesticides, and hydrocarbons. 

  • Cations exchange capacity 

There is also the option of cation exchange. The zeolite molecular sieves would also be vital for applications that need better cation exchange capacity. This property is mostly used in the control of waste waters and other applications. 

There will always be many other features of the zeolite molecular sieve. What is crucial is understanding its applications always. 

What are the Zeolite Molecular Sieve Applications?

zeolite molecular sieve applications1

Since you already know more about the types of zeolite molecular sieves, what follows next is how is the product applied. Below are the applications of the zeolite molecular sieves. 

  • Used in natural gas processing. This is where it would be vital for the dehydration of the natural and related gas liquids such as butane and propane. 
  • Used in hydrogen production and recovery. The drying and purification of hydrogen would need the best adsorption if you want better purity and zeolite molecular sieves can do the job. 
  • Petroleum refining would also use the zeolite molecular sieves to help in dehydration and removal of CO2. As such, you end up with better cryogenic processing of the products. 
  • Insulating glass would use also use zeolite molecular sieves during the manufacturing process. The sieves help in preventing condensation of the insulating glass once it is setup finally. 
  • You would also find better package protection while using zeolite molecular sieves. You would find that the removal of odors is better. Also, the trace contamination and dehydration removal are better while packaging. 
  • Depending on the processes you are working on, some can lead to VOC and pollution. However, the use of zeolite molecular sieves helps in the containment of the solvent vapors. 
  • We cannot forget the applications of the zeolite molecular sieves in the medical world. The use of oxygen concentrators needs these sieves to maintain the purity of oxygen. 

So far, you will see that the zeolite molecular sieves will have multiple applications. It all depends on the molecules that you want to remove. So, look at the properties of each zeolite molecular sieve type and select the best one for the application in mind. 

Why Should You Buy the Zeolite Molecular Sieve from SWT?

SWT zeolite molecular sieve

Ever since its founding, SWT has mostly focused on making high quality products. Here are the additional reasons for buying the zeolite molecular sieves from SWT.

  • Continuous R & D

Research and development never stops in the world of zeolite molecular sieves. You always have to come up with newer ways of ensuring the zeolite molecular sieve does its job well. During this process, the company looks at ways on improving the lifespan of the zeolite molecular sieves. That is how you get our models lasting for thousands of thermal regenerations without a problem. Also, expect newer products after a couple of years ensuring that the zeolite molecular sieves would still do their jobs right. 

  • Professional technical service 

You would also like the technical service we offer here at SWT. The engineers and support team understand what they are working with. So, you would always find the right help you need for any project you have in mind. 

In case you ever want help on a new project, our engineers are readily available to explain everything to you. It can be from the conceptual idea to having the zeolite molecular sieve designed and produced. There is also a follow up service we offer that allows the engineers to keep in touch with the client and ensure there is better troubleshooting in case of an issue. 

  • The manufacturing processes 

SWT understands the importance of the Zeolite molecular sieve. Because of this, there is proprietary manufacturing processes in place. These processes utilize what is the latest technology ensuring that production is faster and you get better quality molecular sieves. 

All the raw materials we use are from top rated suppliers. The last thing we need is having the clients complaining about the quality of the zeolite molecular sieves that we make. Also, SWT always take the time to improve its manufacturing capabilities to ensure the client needs are correctly met. 

  • The quality of the molecular sieves 

Anyone who is interested in the zeolite molecular sieves hopes to work with top brands to get the right quality of the sieves. Quality is never an issue with SWT. We recommend that you go ahead and buy the best zeolite molecular sieve from us and you will be happy. 

The quality is largely maintained thanks to an effective quality control team. There are various test methods in place that help in ensuring the quality of the zeolite molecular sieves the brand makes are consistent. With consistency, the client can also expect certain results with our products. 

Considering the company is in compliance with the ISO 9001 requirements, it means that our zeolite molecular sieve meets a lot of vital standards. Even the demanding industries will like the efficacy of the molecular sieves SWT offers. 

  • Safety and Environment 

SWT conforms to the different requirements on the making and handling of zeolite molecular sieves according to law. First, the company ensures the safety of the employees is guaranteed all the time. If the employees are safe, then they would have the right working conditions for them to produce the best zeolite molecular sieves. 

SWT also ensures that its manufacturing processes meet the environmental regulations. The idea is not to lead to so much pollution while making the zeolite molecular sieves. As such, you find yourself with molecular sieves important for your application that did not pollute the environment during their production. 

How Much will a Zeolite Molecular Sieve Cost?


The cost of the zeolite molecular sieve will mostly be based on the type of sieve you are buying. Also, the size of the molecular sieve would be an important factor for many to keep in mind. It will cost you an average of $100 per kg if you are buying the molecular sieve 3A beads. Send a pricing request from the support team to get accurate pricing at the time. 

How Much of the Moisture Content will the Zeolite Molecular Sieve Adsorb?

zeolite molecular sieve moisture content

A molecular sieve as the name suggests is a highly porous crystalline type of material that features mono-dispersed pores which only allow certain molecule sizes to fit. Because of this, each of the zeolite molecular sieve would have the capacity of the molecules it can adsorb. 

The popular types of the zeolite molecular sieves will include the A type and X type. The A types are 3, 4, 5, and 10 As. All these zeolite molecular sieves tend to high water affinity and better adsorptive capacity. So, on average, you should find these zeolite molecular sieves adsorbing 14 to 30% of their weight when the temperature is 25 degrees C and relative humidity is 10%. The increase in relative humidity tends to reduce the capacity of these molecular sieves. So long as the conditions are within the desired range, the zeolite molecular sieves have quite good at adsorbing rates. 

Will the Zeolite Molecular Sieve Affect the Environment?


There are several agencies that monitor the production of the molecular sieves. The aim is to ensure that the companies making them do not pollute the environment so much. SWT has put in measure various processes to curtail the pollution of the environment. You would definitely buy from us knowing that the environment is safe and we use recyclable materials to improve the uses of these sieves even more. 

How Does Zeolite Molecular Sieve Compare to the Other Desiccant Types?

It is always interesting to see how the zeolite molecular sieve would compare to other products doing the same job. Starting with the adsorptive capacity for low water concentrations, the zeolite molecular sieve would have good performance. Silica gel on the other hand would be poor in performance. 

How about rate of adsorption? Still, zeolite molecular sieve does an excellent job of adsorbing the compounds faster. Well, silica gel still does a good job here. 

When the temperatures are raised, the performance of the zeolite molecular sieve is still excellent. This is unlike for silica gel whose performance becomes poor when there is an increase in the temperatures. 

All the reasons mentioned above are good enough to make you think more in the line of getting yourself zeolite molecular sieves for the application at hand. 

How Can You Safely Handle Zeolite Molecular Sieves?

zeolite molecular sieve handling

In case you are taking delivery of the zeolite molecular sieves, here are the crucial guidelines you need to follow for better reference. 

  • First, you should have the workers that will unload the molecular sieves wearing the appropriate work cloths. Masks are also recommended to prevent dust inhalation. An oxygen mask would be the best choice to help while working in an adsorption tower. 
  • The molecular sieves have impressive water adsorption performance, so they should not be exposed to air while unloading. This would otherwise make the molecular sieve easily adsorb the water during the process. The same also applies to adsorption of CO2 found in the air. 
  • As for storage, you should only store the zeolite molecular sieves in dry areas that have no oil mist or corrosive gases. You should also not unload the molecular sieves when it is raining. The oil mist and also the corrosive gases tend to destroy or block the molecular sieve pores. In the end, you find that your zeolite molecular sieve will not work as great. 
  • Before storing the zeolite molecular sieve, ensure the location is well cleaned. No one needs to replace their zeolite molecular sieve because it got dirty during storage. 
  • As part of the first aid measures, it is best to wash your hands with soap and water as a precaution. If the zeolite molecular sieve has an eye contact with you, simply rinse your eyes with plenty of water. If you face persistent irritation, consult a professional. 
  • Whenever you are working with the zeolite molecular sieve powders, ensure you take enough precaution against the chances of electrostatic charges. Proper aeration is always paramount if you want the zeolite molecular sieve performing its duties well. 

So long as you follow what the manufacturer recommends, most of the time you should be good. Your zeolite molecular sieve will do its job right.

When Will the Zeolite Molecular Sieve be Delivered?


The manufacturing of the zeolite molecular sieve does not take long. On average, shipping will be done within 7 days of placing an order. This is good time for those who have important ongoing projects and they need to continue using the zeolite molecular sieves. The quantity among other customizations would be a big factor in determining the timeline. We recommend that you inquire from the customer support team for more information on when the zeolite molecular sieves will be delivered. 

How is a Zeolite Molecular Sieve Regenerated?

zeolite molecular sieve PSA

To make the zeolite molecular sieve work again, there is the need for the regeneration cycles. The molecular zeolite molecular sieves undergo several cycles depending on where the sieves are used. Some of the options are;

  • Thermal swing

During the thermal swing cycle, the zeolite molecular sieve is reactivated by the increase of the temperature. Normally, the operating temperature would be around 204 to 316 degrees Celsius for this process. The bed containing the zeolite molecular sieves will be heated directly with hot fluid. Sometimes there can still be indirect transfer of heat using other methods.

Once the reactivation temperature is achieved, the bed containing the sieves is then purged with dry gas or a reduction in pressure is applied. When this happens, it would help in restoring the zeolite molecule sieves to their adsorption state. 

The high loads of impurities and water would be obtained through a cooling step later. 

  • Pressure swing 

For this process, it mostly operated at isothermal conditions. Here, there is the use of a vacuum or lower pressure to help in desorbing the zeolite molecular sieve. One good thing about using the method is that it will always lead to faster cycling of the zeolite molecular sieves. You also find it being great is in leading to higher purity zeolite molecule sieves compared to some other methods. 

  • Purge gas stripping 

This is a popular method that uses non-adsorbing purge gas. This type of purge gas is the one that adsorbs the bed with sieves through the reduction of partial pressure of the components adsorbed already. When the operating temperature is higher, then the operating pressure is also lower. You will find it more efficient at stripping. 

Using the purge case has several advantages. One of them is that there is reduced power requirements since you will be using a liquid pump rather than a blower. Also, the users achieve an effluent stream that would easily be condensed to separate the desorbed materials via simple distillation. 

  • Displacement 

This process uses an adsorbable purge vital for displacing the materials that had been adsorbed already. It is recommended that you use a stronger purge media. This helps in desorbing the bed completely. So, use what the manufacturer recommends to desorb the bed as much as possible. 



The zeolite molecular sieve remains a good choice for various industries. When you need the best product for adsorbing various compounds, always focus on zeolite molecular sieves to get the job done properly. If it is chosen and used right, the zeolite molecular sieves will be quite good. If you ever want to buy zeolite molecular sieves, you can always get in touch with SWT right now. We have all the different types of zeolite molecular sieves for you to consider. 


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