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Zeolite Molecular Sieve Oxygen Generator
  • High capacity oxygen production in large scale applications
  • Regeneration is easy to continue using the products
  • Multiple types available for various industrial uses
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  • molecular sieve oxygen generator common types
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Zeolite Molecular Sieve Oxygen Generator Manufacturer

  • High-efficiency molecular sieves
  • Available in different configurations 
  • Highly versatile molecular sieves
  • The setup is easy and simple
  • Fast production rate of molecular sieves

Your Reliable Zeolite Molecular Sieve Oxygen Generator Manufacturer

The Zeolite molecular sieves for oxygen generators from SWT are quite efficient. This type of efficiency is vital so that you get the best results with your molecular sieve always. The oxygen generator will always be working at full capacity and providing the best air quality when you use SWT zeolite molecular sieves. 

The zeolite molecular sieves are also available in different configurations from SWT. They can be beads, paste, pellets, and powder. Such configurations mean that you would get the right zeolite molecular sieve depending on the oxygen generator you are working with. 

These molecular sieves are also versatile. This is in the sense that you can find a molecular sieve working with different models of oxygen generators. Of course, SWT would still be able to customize the zeolite molecular sieve to suit your needs even better in terms of size and other specifications. 

The fast production of the SWT molecular sieves gives confidence to those interested in them that these sieves are going to be delivered in time to run your project. Faster production time does not always mean we do not do a good job. The SWT quality control team will handle the quality of the sieves even better. Call the team for more details on the Zeolite molecular sieves for oxygen generators.

  • Dehydrating natural gas
  • Production of insulated gas
  • Drying of hydrocarbons
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Zeolite molecular sieve oxygen concentrator supplier
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Types of Zeolite molecular sieve oxygen concentrator
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Zeolite molecular sieve oxygen concentrator 13x
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Lithium zeolite molecular sieve oxygen concentrator
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Zeolite molecular sieve oxygen concentrator lifespan
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Zeolite Molecular Sieve Oxygen Generator: Generate High Purity Oxygen Streams


Oxygen generators are quite important right now. They will always find a use in a medical setup. That is why you should consider picking one for the right application. What you will note is the importance of a molecular sieve in the oxygen generator. That is what we will learn more about here. Let us find out more below. 

What is an Oxygen Generator?

oxygen generator

The need for having an oxygen generator has continued to be on the rise. This is because people continue to have respiratory ailments that need support of more oxygen to keep people alive. That is why you would get companies such as SWT being involved in the making of oxygen generators and its many components. One of such components is the zeolite molecular sieve. 

The zeolite molecular sieve will be good at helping the oxygen generator have the best quality oxygen coming out of the other end of the generator. SWT is always committed to producing the best oxygen concentrators molecular sieves to ensure the process is smooth and efficient. 

The oxygen generator will generator will produce highly pure oxygen through the process of pressure swing adsorption or PSA process. This is where the nitrogen part is adsorbed from the air leaving oxygen to pass easily. The PSA process is quite good since it can concentrate the oxygen levels to be higher than 90%. 

Having superior selectivity is what makes the SWT zeolite molecular sieves for oxygen generators highly sought after. The quality of the products also makes it easy to use in different types of molecular sieve oxygen generators. 

Because of the performance of these molecular sieve oxygen generators, you will find the zeolite molecular sieves also good for the portable oxygen concentrators. So, rather than picking a different zeolite molecular sieve, you should find the right one with us SWT. 

SWT invests a lot in its R & D so that you are the buyer would have a lot more uses for it. Also, the quality of the zeolite molecular sieves would be quite good for the money. No need to start replacing the sieves more often. Our technical team is always here to help you further understand the best use of such specific zeolite molecular sieves for oxygen generators. 

What Would be the Types of Zeolite Molecular Sieve Oxygen generator?

portable oxygen generator

All the medical oxygen generators in the market would be using the PSA method. The design mostly includes bed or columns of the molecular sieves that help in purifying the air that is pumped in from the surrounding. You will get that it removes other gas components such as water vapor, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen

The two main types you will get in the market include the stationary oxygen concentrators and the portable oxygen concentrators. 

  • Stationary oxygen concentrators

You will get options such as the stationary oxygen concentrators are designed to deliver impressive amount of five liters of pure oxygen per minute. This would mostly be 90 to 95% oxygen. However, you could still get the high flow concentrators too in the market. Such will produce up to 10 liters of oxygens each minute. This is a top consideration for those patients who would have aggressive respiratory requirements. 

These oxygen concentrators would be designed to remain in the patient’s room. 

  • Portable oxygen concentrators 

Sometimes a patient might need to keep an oxygen generator close to them more often even if it is while travelling or doing some activities outdoors. That is where the portable oxygen concentrators will be a good choice. 

They will work just like the stationary models only that they are battery powered to aid in portability. Also, these models would deliver the oxygen in a pulse dosage form. This is where the unit would only output oxygen whenever the patient inhales. 

These portable models are lightweight and can be carried like backpacks. You can find that it would be easy to move around with such a zeolite molecular sieve oxygen generator. The good thing is that most airlines have approved the various designs to be used on the plane without a problem. 

SWT is product of having been part of the whole oxygen generator industry. If you ever need molecular sieves for your oxygen generator, simply let us know and we will help by providing high quality molecular sieves. 

What is the Industrial Application of Zeolite Molecular Sieve for Oxygen Generator?

vacuum PSA

Oxygen generation does not have to be in the medical world alone. The same can also be a popular consideration at the industrial level. One of the examples would be using the zeolite molecular sieve for oxygen generator in glass production. The same would also be ideal for steel manufacturing and sometimes mining. 

We cannot forget about the water treatment facilities that you want to have a secure and consistent source of high purity oxygen. So, the applications are many. Here are more of such applications. 

  • Cryogenic separation 

The cryogenic separation is a common term you will see around the air separation units. During the cryogenic separation process, the air would be divided into its various primary components such as nitrogen, oxygen, and also the trace gases such as argon. This is possible since the air would be passed through the zeolite molecular sieves that helps in removing carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, small hydrocarbons, and water. 

This ultra-dry air stream would then be passed through a cold box containing the cryogenic temperatures. This is when the remaining components in the air would be separated further. Here, the use of a zeolite molecular sieve is vital to improve the overall purity level. SWT can promise to help you achieve that since we make molecular sieves with good adsorption rates. Well, it is the same for the desorption process too. 

When this method is used, you should expect to get impressive oxygen purity. Most of the time it will be more than 99.9%. That is quite impressive to ensure you always have the right oxygen purity level. 

  • PSA

The pressure swing adsorption or PSA separation is another most notable use of zeolite molecular sieves for oxygen generation. This process would take advantage of the molecular sieve’s affinity to air when under pressure. As such, in PSA, the pressure would be increased to when the nitrogen affinity adsorption in the molecular sieve is higher than that for oxygen molecules. At this point, the molecular sieve would adsorb nitrogen in the air leaving you with an oxygen rich steam. 

This method will mostly leave you with an oxygen stream having a purity level of 95%. 

To help in regenerating the zeolite molecular sieves, the pressure will be decreased to a level the sieves will release the nitrogen molecules. The pressure would then be raised again if there is the need for oxygen regeneration. 

  • Vacuum PSA 

As for the vacuum PSA, it will work like the PSA model mentioned above only that it uses vacuum pressure rather than atmospheric and absolute pressure

Because of the operation, it will need a vacuum blower. Because of the vacuum swing, there is increased adsorption performance of the molecular sieve. It is the same for the desorption process. So, it would work faster too. 

This process is mostly applied to many production plants and even medical oxygen generation units. The benefit is that you will still get high-purity oxygen too. 

Why Buy Zeolite Molecular Sieve Oxygen Generator from SWT?

SWT molecular sieves for oxygen generators

  • High quality molecular sieves

Whenever a person wants molecular sieves for oxygen generation, it is possible that they want quality products. Since there will be many brands, it is possible to get confused easily. Do not compromise the quality of oxygen by using untested molecular sieves. SWT will guide you better to pick the correct zeolite molecular sieve to help with oxygen generation. 

  • High performance molecular sieves

The performance is just as good as the quality of the molecular sieves. The SWT zeolite molecular sieves have an impressive performance in the sense that the overall adsorption performance is quite good. No worries about regenerating the high-performance molecular sieves all the time. 

  • Technical support

You will still come across some of the best technical support in the industry. The aim is to help you figure out how best to use the zeolite molecular sieves for oxygen generator. Anyone who has a question will always get the important information with ease. You would also be advised on which would be the ideal molecular sieve to use for the type of oxygen generation demands. 

  • Save money 

How about you end up saving money even when investing in the molecular sieve for oxygen generators? SWT gives you the chance to save on your budget since the zeolite molecular sieves from the company are affordable. You should find that they are affordable while at the same giving you the best performance. It is often hard to come across such combinations from different manufacturers. 

  • Ease of regeneration 

You often have to regenerate the zeolite molecular sieves to continue with oxygen generation. So, what is the process? Is it hard? Well, do not worry so much about the regeneration process as it will be described in the package whenever you are buying it from SWT. With the process readily available, you can do the regeneration on your own. 

Why did the Zeolite Molecule Sieve Oxygen Generator Stop Working?

molecular sieve not working

Maybe you were using the oxygen generator more often and then you notice that it is no longer giving you the high purity oxygen as before. When this happens, the chances are there are a few problems with the oxygen generator. Most of them can be resolved with ease. However, others might lead to replacing the whole oxygen generator. 

Here are some of possible problems with the oxygen generator. 

  • Blocking in the tube

The oxygen generator will have many tubes going around. If any one of those tubes are blocked, it becomes harder for the zeolite molecular sieve to get the oxygen to you. So, in this case you simply need to do a proper inspection to understand if the tube is clear or not. 

If the condition of the tube cannot be salvaged, you have the option of replacing the tube. You should be able to solve such a problem a lot faster and get your supply of purified oxygen once more. If that does not help, below are the other possible problems to consider too. 

  • Low performance sieves

When the zeolite molecular sieve has been regenerated so many times, it gets weaker. It would not work as great as before. The low performance or weak molecular sieve bed needs to be replaced at this point. Because of the critical purpose of the molecular sieve, you cannot afford to have one that is not working great. 

However, make sure that you regenerate the molecular sieves first before having to replace it. If you have regenerated the molecular sieves but nothing much has changed, simply replace the zeolite molecular sieve the newer and better quality SWT molecular sieves. 

  • A bad air compressor 

When the air compressor is not working as expected, then it would possibly lead to such problems too. The air compressor is vital for increasing or decreasing the overall pressure in the oxygen generator. So, even if the molecular sieves are in good working condition, the pressure is important and that is how an air compressor is vital. 

When the air compressor is weak, you will end up with a product that does not do the best job. Unfortunately, without good pressure, the molecular sieves would not develop the preferred affinity towards the nitrogen molecules. So, you will not have a high purity level in the resultant oxygen stream. 

What Zeolite Molecular Sieve Oxygen Generator Maintenance Should You Know?

zeolite molecular sieve maintenance

Caring for the zeolite molecular sieve oxygen generator will definitely be encouraged more often. When you do this, the molecular sieve oxygen generator will remain in good working condition for long. So, what are some of the maintenances you should do to your oxygen generator?

  • The first thing is to check if there are possible issues that might make the oxygen concentrator not work great. You might be surprised by the number of times you will find that people noticed their power cable was not connected properly and led to the malfunction of the oxygen generator. Just check all the different connections ensuring that they are done right to keep the oxygen generator working right. 
  • How about the zeolite molecular sieve bed? The molecular sieve might get with time. There is nothing wrong with that. Maybe you have been regenerating it more often to a point the solution is just to replace them. So, go ahead to replace these molecular sieves to have the oxygen generator working right. Just make sure you are replacing with quality molecular sieves if you have hopes of good performance. 
  • Check the performance of the air compressor. You do not need have to always wait until it is not working to look at it. There are regular suggested maintenances you should be doing to the oxygen generator. When you follow these suggested maintenances, you can be sure to get a better working oxygen generator. 

SWT will provide you with enough troubleshooting information so that you can care for the oxygen generator better. With good care, the zeolite molecular sieve oxygen will last for years down the line. 

How Do You Replace the Zeolite Molecular Sieve in the Oxygen Generator?


From the name of the product, you can tell that the oxygen generator would be an important device to own. One of the things to help extend the life of the oxygen generator is changing the molecular sieve in the machine. 

What most people might not know is that the zeolite molecular sieves will have a lifespan too. This is because they are exposed to different elements whenever they are used in an oxygen generator. Such elements are humidity, dust, and high temperatures too. As such, the molecular sieves will often experience a reduction in the overall adsorption capacity. Pay attention to this adsorption capacity to ensure that your molecular sieve oxygen generator remains working good. 

So, what is the overall lifespan of the zeolite molecular sieves before you can change them? The average lifespan would be 12,000 hours. This would be several years. Based on how often you are using the zeolite molecular sieve oxygen generator, you may find some having over 30,000 hours lifespan. Of course, you should always consider the high quality SWT molecular sieves when doing the replacement. 

When you find that the molecular sieves are not doing their job right, it might be simply that they have reached the end of their useful life. For this reason, it is normally advisable to simply replace the sieves with newer ones. 

  • Replacing the molecular sieves in the oxygen generator

The molecular sieves will be inside the oxygen generator. You can replace them yourself or have a professional do it. In most cases, these oxygen generators have a manual giving you a detailed step to replace the molecular sieves. If you can do that, you should have the molecular sieves replaced in no time. 

The good thing is that the process is often fast and easy. If you feel it might be too complicated, SWT technical team is happy to walk you through it. As such, you should have the oxygen generator back to working at full capacity within a short time. 

There you have it, when you are using the SWT oxygen generator, you will have all the help that you need at your disposal. 

Once you change the molecular sieves, ensure they are disposed correctly. Different countries will have laws on how to dispose such waste. It is then up to you to figure that out to ensure you keep the environment clean and safe. 

Is there a Difference Between a Ventilator and an Oxygen Generator with zeolite molecular sieves?

ventilator vs oxygen generator

As much as you will not easily confuse them in terms of design, their uses might sometimes confuse the buyers. 

An oxygen generator will take in the surrounding air, filter the nitrogen molecules and discharge a highly concentrated oxygen gas. The aim of such a machine is to help the user get high purity oxygen. As for a ventilator, it will help the patient breathe better. You can take it as a respiratory machine that assists with human breathing when the patient cannot do it on their own. 

Even if they are different, there are times when these two would be used together. What you should first understand is why the patient is using the ventilator in the first place. When the user needs the ventilator to deal with obstructive sleep apnea, then an oxygen generator is not always needed. Also, those patients who have normal function but have apnea would need the ventilator to keep their airways open, so an oxygen generator is unnecessary. 

However, at times the patient might be using a ventilator due to having lung disease. When the blood oxygen concentration keeps dropping, there would be the need to have an oxygen generator to supply more oxygen to the patient. You will have the ventilator improving ventilation while the oxygen generator handling carbon dioxide retention and solve hypoxemia too. 

So, it depends on the needs of a patient. From time to time, the doctors might interchange the two or use them together to help keep the patient alive. 

Which Zeolite Molecular Sieve is Used in an Oxygen Generator?


There will always be many molecular sieves available in the market. So, picking the best molecular sieve is quite vital for the performance of the oxygen generator. For this type of device, the molecular sieve will be a popular choice in the oxygen PSAs. However, you can also find newer models using molecular sieve 13X since it offers a higher adsorbing capacity and more mass transfer rate. It will largely depend on the demand for oxygen. 



The SWT zeolite molecular sieve oxygen generator will be a good thing to own right now. It can be used in different applications that makes it a good choice for most people who want an oxygen generator. In case you are interested, SWT is able to help you out. Also, you will get technical support so that you know how to use and maintain your molecular sieve oxygen generator better. Talk to us today for more help. 


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