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  • molecular sieve 5a shipping
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SWT specializes in making high-performance molecular sieve 5A products. This molecular service type is good at adsorbing the normal paraffin from the hydrocarbons. For this reason, this type of molecular sieve would generally have a lot more applications in different fields. If you are interested in such a type of molecular sieve, let SWT get one for you. 

You would get the molecular sieve 5A type either as beads, pellets, powders, and pastes. So far you would find that such a sieve would be quite good at ensuring you find the correct type depending on the application at hand. The next time you want a certain type of molecular sieve, let SWT know how to help you. 

The molecular sieve 5A will be good at adsorbing water vapor better because we have improved how largely they work. We invest in time and resources so that we can always get you the best molecular sieve. Compared to what competitors are making, we are confident you will find SWT better. 

How about the cost of getting the molecular sieve 5A? The price is not too high as some might think. You should consider our molecular sieve 5A since it is competitively priced. You never always have to spend too much.

  • Removal of hydrocarbons in natural gas streams
  • Purification of oxygen and nitrogen gases
  • separating of paraffins from the other hydrocarbons
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Molecular Sieve 5A: The Most Versatile Molecular Sieve


By doing a quick search online, you can easily come across many companies selling the molecular sieve 5A. However, what is it all about? And why you should you consider one for the application involving molecular sieves? We get to answer these and many more questions on molecular sieves so that you can only buy it after having all the information of what it can do for you. 

What is a Molecular Sieve 5A?

molecular sieve 5a type

You may come across some texts referring to it as zeolite molecular sieve 5A or even zeolith 5A. just know it is the same molecular sieve 5A. This type of molecular sieve will be made from aluminosilicate crystals just like the molecular sieves 3A and 4A. 

The biggest difference that makes the molecular sieve 5A unique should be pore diameter. This one has a pore sizing of 5angstroms. This is denoted by the name of the molecular sieve. It is the same when looking at the molecular sieves 3A and 4A. They would have pore sizes 3 angstroms and 4 angstroms respectively. 

Because of its pore size of 5 angstroms, it means that the molecules that have more than 5 angstroms will not be adsorbed. Since it has a larger diameter, the molecular sieve 5A, can be a good choice if you want more capacity. Of course, it is able to adsorb more molecules than molecular 3A and 4A. 

Its adsorption capacity is quite good to a point more people consider it in the separation and purification of the natural gas. You would also get it being used in separation of the isomerous and normal alkane. What we can say is that the applications will be many. 

The molecular sieve 5A will generally have the best composition that you need for many chemical applications. Also, it is known for having a huge strength crush capability. So, you should find it a popular choice in industrial applications. 

What are the Industrial Uses of Molecular Sieve 5A?

molecular sieve 5a industrial use

There will be many industrial uses of molecular sieve 5A in the industries. However, we will narrow it down to only a few for you to get the picture. Here are the popular uses of the molecular sieve 5A. 

  • PSA hydrogen purification 

The pressure swing adsorption or PSA process that leads to high purity hydrogen production need the molecular sieve 5A. The process is based on the physical binding of the molecules of gas to the adsorbent media. The force binding the two will depend on the adsorbent material, pressure of the gas, type of gas, and also the operating temperature. 

During the PSA process, the tempeture is maintained at a certain rate and then the pressure is alternated depending on whether you want to do adsorption or desorption. For this application, not much heating and cooling are necessary. So, it is possible to achieve both processes within short cycles. This PSA process would also make it economical to get a highly pure hydrogen stream. 

The SWT molecular sieve is made to be better than competitor options in various ways. You will find that it has a larger adsorption capacity, the process of adsorption is faster, and the desorption rate is also faster. 

The high mechanical strength of the molecular sieve 5A will be a good thing for those who have demanding projects. They would be able to keep reusing the molecular sieve 5A for a long time. 

  • Natural gas purification 

A molecular sieve 5A will also come in handy in purifying the natural gas too. As we all know, molecular sieves are essential for removing water in the natural gas. Other than removing water, the same is ideal for removing other contaminants including mercaptans. SWT has designed the molecular sieve 5A to have impressive high water adsorption rate. This would leave the natural gas dry. Also, there is better adsorption of carbon dioxide to improve its overall quality. 

Upon using the molecular sieve 5A, you will also like its excellent hydrothermal stability. This would make it purposely effective in natural gas processing. Also, the good dynamic dehydration characteristic is worth mentioning. So, those who have to do such type of processing are welcome to try out molecular sieve 5A. 

When there is a lot of moisture in the natural gas, you may notice there will be corrosion in the equipment. No company wants that. Also, the molecular sieve may help in removing of hydrogen sulfides too. This would definitely improve the overall purity of natural gas in the end. 

  • PSA for Oxygen Generators 

If you own an oxygen generator, then you understand the importance of having high quality molecular sieves. For a while now, it is the molecular sieve 5A that has mostly been used in the oxygen generators and concentrators. It is only until recently that some brands now use 13X including SWT. Do not worry as the performance of the 5A molecular sieve is still one of the best for oxygen generation. 

During this process, the molecular sieve 5A will adsorb the nitrogen in the air stream leaving the oxygen to pass. This is done by meeting specific conditions that makes the molecular sieve 5A develop affinity for nitrogen molecules rather than oxygen molecules. Once the molecular sieves are full, the process is reversed to help in desorbing the sieves. This process continues to ensure that you get consistent streams of oxygen from the machines. 

The most notable thing about the molecular sieve 5A for oxygen generation is that they have good wear and tear resistance. The result is that they will serve you even longer. You will also get a higher cost performance compared to other molecular sieves. So, it is going to be worthy choice for those who want it to do such applications. 

Looking at the options mentioned above, it is clear that molecular sieves 5A are the best for some applications. So long as it is within what a manufacturer recommends as an application, go for it and expect the best outcomes all the time. 

Are the Molecular Sieves 5A Approved by the FDA?


You might be surprised on how people might decide to use the molecular sieves 5A. Some might have ideas that the manufacturer has not recommended thus the reason they would ask if the molecular sieves are approved by the FDA. Well, yes, the molecular sieves approved, however, SWT always recommends that you stick to the recommended applications. Even when you touch the molecular sieves, ensure that you wash your hands correctly before touch food. Just treat it like a contaminant for your food. 

How are the Molecular Sieves 5A Regenerated?

molecular sieve 5a regeneration

Whenever the molecular sieve adsorbs more molecules than its capacity, then it can no longer adsorb more. There is the need for desorption if you have the hopes of having the molecular sieves 5A working again. Regeneration would also be important in the case where the molecular sieves have been exposed to air during storage. This exposure means that the molecular sieves can easily adsorb moisture thus reducing their capacity. 

So, how is regeneration done? During the regeneration process, the pressure is lowered and then the heat is increased. Depending on the type of regeneration, sometimes purging gas will be used. The other method involves heating the molecular sieves 5A in a high vacuum. 

Regeneration would occur when the temperatures range from 175 to around 315 degrees Celsius. Try to maintain the temperature within this range as anything higher will not lead to more benefits. Sometimes you start to damage the chemical structures of the molecular sieves with too much heat. 

In contrast to those who use silica gel as a desiccant, regenerating it requires that you heat it in a regular oven keeping the temperature at 120 degrees Celsius. It does not do well in high temperatures as you risk breaking the silica spheres. 

What is the Adsorption Rate of Molecular Sieve 5A Compared to other Molecular Sieves?

molecular sieve 5a powder adsorption

The molecular sieve 5A having a diameter of 5angstroms has an adsorption capacity of 20 to 21% of its weight. Such a performance is good for dehydration of natural gas, desulfurization of liquid petroleum gas, hydrogen and oxygen production, and more. 

As part of comparing, we see that the molecular sieve 3A will have an adsorption capacity of 19 to 20% while the molecular sieve 4A has an adsorption capacity of 20 to 21%. 

As you go higher in the pore sizes, it is expected that you will get higher adsorption rates. Case and point is when using the molecular sieve 13X. Here the rate is 23 to 24% of weight. So, such would be a great molecular sieve for desiccation and further purification of natural gas and petroleum gas. 

Anyone buying the molecular sieve 5A or any other type should always look at the adsorption rate and also the bulk density. These are vital features that can help you see if the molecular sieve you are buying will do the job as you want. 

What is the Production of the Molecular Sieve 5A Like?

molecular sieve 5a production

The production of the molecular sieve 5A is not as hard some you may think. The process involves three main steps including the following. 

  • Mixing raw materials 

The raw materials mixing will be quite instrumental as it is what determines what you would get in the end. All the molecular sieves start as 4A but are then treated through ion exchange to now end up with either 3A or 5A. 

The raw materials are always mixed in the right ratio to ensure that the quality of the resultant molecular sieves is top notch. The SWT workers will work with raw powder, additives, clary, and other vital ingredients which are then mixed in the mixer. This is a vital stage which would then prepare the mixture for the next stage which is extrusion and kneading. 

  • Kneading the materials 

The material kneading activity is done in the kneader. This process is vital for ensuring there is uniformity in all the molecular sieve. Well, at this point, the mixture is quite humid, but it will be handled in the following stage. 

Being humid also helps a lot with ensuring there is better compressive strength and also the density will be improved at this point. The idea is to keep the molecular sieve 5A giving you the best density you need for different applications. 

  • Granulation 

The mixture is now onto the next stage which is granulation. Here the mixture is deposited into a ball forming machine. The machine will ensure that the particle size is uniform across all the different sieves. That is why you would end up with the molecular sieves having different sizes. 

There is a time when you can order for pellets or powder. We will do it for you also. So, it should not be a big problem for you to get the molecular sieve 5A in the format that you desire. 

How Do You Select the Shape and Size of Molecular Sieve 5A?

The molecular sieves will come in different shapes and sizes. We do this because even if it is the same molecular sieve 5A, it can still have different uses. So, we always have to cater to the needs of a client. 

The molecular sieves 5A might have different shapes, but the spherical beads will always remain the most common. They do have several advantages that makes them popular. Because of the shape, they will offer a lower pressure drop. Also, they would be resistant to attrition since they lack sharp edges. 

Another reason for this shape is that the molecular sieve 5A will have good strength. A good example is that the molecular sieve would resist better when a crush force is applied to it. The molecular sieve 5A beads will of have a lower heat capacity too. This means that it would require less energy during the regeneration stage. 

Another popular benefit of the molecular sieve beads is that they offer better bulk density than when using the other shapes for a molecular sieve. Such a feature also means your molecular sieves 5A will have better adsorption rate at a lesser volume thus you will not need to use so much of it. 

What Technical Services Does SWT Offer on Molecular Sieve 5A?

molecular sieve 5a consultation

  • Free consultations 

The technical team is readily available to give you the right consultation before you can use the molecular sieve. It is possible that at times you have no idea if the molecular sieve 5A is what you need or not. You are in luck since we offer free consultations on the first time you are buying the molecular sieves. 

It does not matter where you are located. You can always rely on us to make the consultation worthwhile. As such, you will only buy the molecular sieves 5A once you are sure it is what you wanted. 

Once we have had a chat with you, expect to receive a report of the project analysis giving you all the vital information on which is the right molecular sieve. 

  • Get optimal solutions 

Optimal solutions is what we believe in and always strive to ensure you get it too. We are a technological company that understands people will have various needs for molecular sieves. It is why we design the molecular sieves around the idea of giving you the best performing product. Also, our portfolio is huge. Such a huge portfolio aids you find the right solution to your need. 

With several years’ experience in the sector, we know what it takes to make a high-quality molecular sieve anyone would want to use. 

  • Free sampling possible 

Are you unsure about what type of molecular sieve that you need? You are in luck as you may get free samples and testing at times. Before we can do mass production of the molecular sieve you want, a lot of testing has to be done. As such, the final product will always work as expected. 

Our support team will guide you better on picking the right size if that seems like a problem. We all know that molecular sieves are available in different sizes. So, it would be nice to have one with the right size that you need. 

  • Constant support 

How about receiving constant support from our team? So long as you have any questions on the molecular sieve 5A or any other product we make, let us here about it. Once you are a buyer, then you can get to get world class support from us. The moment you use the molecular sieves, you should confident that we knew what we were doing. 

There are many ways for you to reach us. They include phone, skype, email, and live chats too. So, do not hesitate to call us for more ideas and other consultations. –

How does the Molecular Sieve 5A Adsorb CO?

molecular sieve 5a CO adsorption

The carbon monoxide or CO is a harmful and toxic gas you do not want to be inhaling. It is not just detrimental to humans, but also other processes in the industry. It is why you may find it poisoning the catalysts in various industries. When this happens, the process efficiency becomes an issue. That is why the molecular sieve 5A can be a good choice for adsorbing it. 

During the process, the CO will be adsorbed, separated, further purified, then recycled before being reused. So, it is quite a process. 

The SWT molecular sieve 5A will be highly sensitive to oxygen, water vapor, gas with sulfur, and carbon dioxide. Thanks to its high efficiency, the molecular sieve 5A will do a good job in offering stronger selectivity of CO from the stream of air. Also, the overall adsorption capacity means it is able to remove a lot of the CO faster. 

Can Molecular Sieve 5A Help with Ethanol Dehydrating?


The generation of water-free ethanol might not always be easy. That is why you need to use the molecular sieve 5A in the process too. This would help in the further purification of the ethanol so that you have a finer final product that would do its job well. 

The molecular sieve 5A would be used in this case through the VSA or PSA units. The PSA method is more preferred in this case as it will lead to a better grade of the product. During the process, the water molecules would be drawn and absorbed by the molecular sieves. This means that only ethanol would pass to the next stage. It is quite amazing with this purification method since the final product would be 99.8%. 

So, you should expect that the molecular sieve 5A will be good at this job. Just use and regenerate the sieves as recommended and they will be the best ones for you. 

How is the Molecular Sieve 5A Packaged?

molecular sieve 5a packaging

Once the molecular sieves 5A have been manufactured, what follows is the packaging. Of course, the packaging needs to be done right to maintain their usability when a person finally gets them. The packaging will be based on the choice of size, materials, shapes, and other features. Do not worry as we use air tight drums to store the molecular sieves. This ensures they do not end up adsorbing moisture while still in transportation. 

We suggest that you also keep the molecular sieves in its original packaging. This is because it would help maintain the air tight seal until you have to use the molecular sieve 5A once again. Even after you do regeneration, always keep them in an air-tight container awaiting the next use. 



From the guide above, you will now have an idea what the best molecular sieve 5A will do for you. Whether you want to purify hydrogen or any other important process, SWT will have you covered. The support team can also offer consultations for free so that you only buy the molecular sieve 5A if you are sure. We also have amazing customer reviews all showing how we have helped them with their various projects. You should then find us a top company to consider for your next project. 


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