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  • high quality molecular sieve 4a
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The molecular sieve 4A is designed to offer an angstrom 4 size option. As such, it means that molecules that are larger than 4A would not be adsorbed. Because of its size, you would find it most ideal for the absorption of argon, carbon monoxide, ammonia, xenon, krypton, and so much. So far, its versatility is quite impressive. 

The molecular sieve 4A is quite good at offering high adsorption speed. You can use it in different applications ensuring that you get the right results. In addition, you get strong crushing strength and better contamination resistance. All this leads to better product life. 

SWT mostly recommends this type of adsorbent for refrigerant drying, drying cracked gas, natural gas drying, static drying of gas glass units. So, anyone who buys the molecular sieve 4A would always find it is versatile. In case you are unsure of where to use the molecular sieve 4A, SWT would offer more guidance. 

SWT is a top choice for those also on a budget but they still want a high-quality molecular sieve for their applications. If you also want faster delivery, that is something possible with SWT today. Let us help your company find the right molecular sieve for different applications. 

  • Drying and removing CO2 from gas
  • Removal of moisture in paints
  • Dehydration of drugs
  • Removal of ammonia and hydrocarbons in gas streams
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Molecular sieve 4a regeneration
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Molecular sieve 4a composition
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High quality molecular sieve 4a
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Molecular Sieve 4A: Why Get the Molecular Sieve for Your Application


It is not uncommon finding that molecular sieves are popular in your field. These sieves are quite versatile to a point more people are interested in using the molecular sieves more often. Since there are many other options as molecular sieves, you should then learn more about molecular sieve 4A specifically to see where to use it best. Here are the ideas on what the molecular sieve 4A is all about. 

What are Molecular Sieves 4A?

molecular sieve 4a type

The molecular sieve 4A has a similar construction that involves an alkali aluminosilicate metal just as the other types of molecular sieves. The biggest difference is that the pore opening is different. Its pore opening as the name suggests is 4 angstroms. So, any particles or molecules smaller than the pore size will be adsorbed. Everything else is not adsorbed. 

The molecular sieve 4A has the sodium construction. This type of construction is quite vital at making the sieve good as a drying agent for various uses. The molecular sieve is also liked for having impressive adsorption properties. 

The molecular sieve 4A beads will be essential for adsorbing water, carbon dioxide, methanol, ethanol, and ammonia. So far, you will see if a versatile molecular sieve that you need. 

The 4A molecular sieve will mostly be used in the removal of moisture from liquid or gas streams. This is where the co-adsorption of carbon dioxide and sulfur compounds is not a big concern. 

Anyone interested in the molecular sieve 4A would not see how well such a sieve would benefit his or her operations. 

Those are some of the properties a person can expect to find while using molecular sieve 4A. It would be nice buying such from top brands such as SWT. 

What is the Right Way of Activating Molecular Sieves 4A?

activating molecular sieve 4a

Whenever you have the molecular sieve 4A, the next step is to activate the molecular sieve. When you need to activate the molecular sieve, the process will involve exposing it to high temperatures. This heat should be quite high enough so that it can adsorb the vapor even better. The temperature will mostly vary with the type of material that needs to be adsorbed and also the adsorbent type. 

It is advisable that the temperature range should be 170 to 315 degrees Celsius. It is not just for the molecular sieve 4, but also the other types of molecular sieves

The use of vacuum drying is always seen as a quicker method of doing this project. Also, the lower temperature is also preferred to flame drying. 

Once the molecular sieve has been activated, you are advised to store them in a glass container. You can also consider double wrapping with parafilm to ensure that they are in an airtight place. This should leave them activated for the next six months. 

If you need to check if the sieves are still active, hold the molecular sieve in the hand while wearing gloves then add water. In case the molecular sieve 4A is still active, the temperature will rise quite significantly. 

Without the gloves, you would be unable to continue holding the molecular sieve while at the same time add water to it. 

It is advisable you consider using safety equipment such as PPE kits, safety glasses, and gloves. Always wear them during the activation process to be safe. 

Where are Molecular Sieves 4A Used?

molecular sieve 4a industrial uses

It seems fair if we can highlight some of the places where a molecular sieve 4A would be used. This would definitely help you get more insight on how such a sieve type would be great. Here are the top applications of molecular sieves 4A. 

  • Industrial drying 

In care there is an industrial drying application that requires molecular sieves, you should consider the molecular sieve 4A. Here, the beaded molecular sieve 4A would be the ideal choice. The sieves help in removal of water from the industrial systems ensuring that they are working optimally. Some of such industrial drying options will include air brake systems, air drying equipment, air compressor units, and refrigerant drying. 

  • Syngas and ammonia 

Whenever you are using synthetic gas or syngas, there is the need for molecular sieve 4A to help in the removal of water in addition to other contaminants. The use of sieves is also crucial to protect against possible pressure drop and also catalyst poisons which would affect the performance of the plant. 

Other than removing the water, the same is crucial for removing carbon dioxide and ammonia too. Sometimes you can find the sieves oxygenating methanol and other sulfur compounds. What to note is that such processes might also use molecular sieve 13X because the two have almost the same performance. 

Take note that the 13X molecular sieve would have other precise uses. 

  • Elastomers, sealants, coatings, and adhesives 

The molecular sieve 4A has exceptional performance in trapping moisture. It is why you would get it popular in the polyurethane industry. You can expect that such a sieve will leave the coatings, adhesives, and sealants moisture free. 

Because of how the sieve works, it will only adsorb the water, but leave the pigments, solvents and resins. As such, it would allow for ease of incorporation into the use of the molecular sieves in such an industry. 

  • Solvent Drying and Treating 

The hydrocarbon solvents often contain impurities such as oxygenates, sulfur, and water. These need to be removed so as to meet the user specifications. SWT recommends that you use the molecular sieve 4A for this part. The molecular sieve would help a lot in dehydrating the solvent stream to remove the moisture and other related contaminants. No other additional component is removed. 

This molecular sieve would still be effective in removing methanol. It all depends on the product you are handling. You need to know that you can rely on it for good performance. 

  • Refineries 

The refineries will be a big place where the molecular sieves are necessary. The molecular sieves 4A will be used in treating the liquid and gas hydrocarbon streams. Once they are dry, it is easier to meet the needs of a client. The molecular sieve 4A would be preferred over molecular sieve 3A based on the olefin levels in the stream. Once you tell SWT more about the application where you can to use the molecular sieve, we can point out the best choice between the two. 

Is Molecular Sieve 4A Good for Natural Gas Drying?


Yes. It is probably the most recommended molecular sieve for those who need molecular sieves for natural gas drying. The molecular sieve would be able to remove to as much water and other contaminants in the gas and liquid streams as possible. 

These molecular sieve 4A from SWT are highly durable. They are able to last for several years so long as the user keeps drying and regenerating them as the manufacturer recommends. 

Those who ever need any support from the manufacturer are free to contact SWT to get more information on the use of the molecular sieve 4A and others like it.  

Can the Molecular Sieve 4A Be Reused?

Reusing molecular sieve 4a

Yes. It is not new to find people reusing the molecular sieves 4A. It can also be the other types of sieves. What is vital is that you always reuse the molecular sieves correctly. 

Before reusing the molecular sieves, there is the need to regenerate them first. You could use pressure or heating to regenerate the sieves. If you are using the high temperature, 250 to 450 degrees F. It is similar to what you get with baking in the standard kitchen oven. 

The molecular sieves 4A will last you an average of 3 to 5 years. This is enough time for you to handle more applications and save even more. Sometimes the lifespan would go to over 5 years depending on the contaminants you need to eliminate. 

How Much Does Molecular Sieve 4A Cost?

molecular sieve 4a cost

The molecular sieve 4A will cost an average of $100 per kg. When you are on a budget, simply get in touch with SWT for affordable options. We can always get you affordable deals to help you save more. 

How Much Moisture Can Molecular Sieve 4A Adsorb Compared to other Desiccants?

The molecular sieve 4A has quite a good performance that what you get with the other options in the market. Its pore size show that the molecular sieve 4A will be good for adsorbing nitrogen and oxygen. Well, we cannot forget to mention moisture too. For relative humidity that is 10% and the temperature maintained at 25 degrees Celsius, you will find that its adsorption capacity is around 20% of its weight. 

There is the option of also choosing clay as a low cost and still efficient desiccant that happens at a low temperature. Clay as a desiccant will include silica, ferric oxide, calcium oxide, aluminum oxide, and magnesium oxide. The overall adsorption rate would be different based on the grade of clay used in the process. 

The clay desiccants will mostly work well at ambient temperature. If the temperatures rise over 50 degrees Celsius, you will find that you lose moisture rather absorbing it. It is the same when using silica gel. 

You should now have an idea as to which desiccant would be good for which process. The aim is to get you having the right molecular sieve 

Is Silica Gel Better than Molecular Sieve 4A?


The next time you are seeking molecular sieves, you may notice that there will be silica gel too as an option to use as a desiccant. Silica gel works in the same way like other desiccants only that the mechanism will be different. These two will be chosen based on several factors including temperature range, mechanical forces, moisture levels, and pressure changes. 

Most tests show that the adsorption rate of the molecular sieve will be higher than what you get with silica gel. This is because the molecular sieve will act as a fast-drying agent than silica gel. 

How about functioning at higher temperatures? Well, the molecular sieves will function a lot better than the silica gel desiccants at higher temperatures. This is because the sieve has uniform structures that bind the water better. 

At low RH, you will find the molecular sieve having the best capacity compared to silica gel. It is more reason to get the molecular sieve 4 A. 

Another difference is that the structure of the molecular sieve will be defined and also the pores would be uniform. When you look at the silica gel shape, it is amorphous and would also have many irregular pores. 

What Cautions Should You Take When Handling Molecular Sieve 4A?

molecular sieve 4a handling

The molecular sieve 4A would be a great choice for several applications. However, how best are you supposed to handle it? Here are ideas on how to do it better. 

  • The first aid measure that you consult a physician in case you inhale the molecular sieve 4A. If you inhale it, simply move to a place where there is fresh air. For the cases of skin contact, you can wash off the molecular sieve 4A using soap and plenty of water. As for the eye contact, flush the eyes with enough water just as a precaution. 
  • How about fire emergencies? One thing you should know about this molecular sieve 4A is that it is non-combustible. You will not to always worry that it may lead to fires while using it. 
  • Accidental releases such as spills and leaks are common. In such a case, you should consider vacuuming or sweeping the material then place the molecular sieves in the appropriate container. It is best if you can clean the spills as soon as they happen. Ensure that you also provide the best ventilation and avoid generating dust. 
  • As for handling and storage, it is best to wash your hands properly after handling the molecular sieve 4A. Try not to breath in the vapor or dust. Always keep the molecular sieve 4A in a container that is tightly closed. This ensures that your molecular sieves remain active for long without a problem. 

How Does Molecular Sieve 4A Compare to 5A and 13 X Molecular Sieves?

Molecular sieve 4a packaging

You may find that some applications would require that you use molecular sieve 4A, while others require molecular sieve 5A or 13X. Some people may wonder, how do they compare? And when should you be using either of them in an application?

  • The Molecular Sieve 5A

This type of molecular sieve is also made from the same material as the 4A molecular sieve. The biggest difference is that the 5A molecular sieves have pore opening of the size 5 Angstroms. This time round, it is the calcium that is exchanged to form the molecular sieve. 

The molecular sieve 5A is widely known for having quite strong ionic forces thanks to the divalent calcium cations. Having these features makes the molecular sieve 5A good at removal of carbon dioxide, alcohols, carbon monoxide, and hydrogen sulfide. You would also use it for polar molecules too. 

The product is found to be quite efficient at the bulk separation of the iso-paraffin hydrocarbons. Its impressive adsorption rate is what leads to many people using it to remove many more contaminants. 

  • The molecular sieve 13X

Now unto the 13X molecular sieve. As you can see, it has a different denotation of X rather than A. It means that the molecular sieve is made from the Zeolite X type rather than the A type. This type of zeolite has larger opening of up to 10 angstroms in diameter. This is the highest theoretical capacity that you would get among such types of adsorbents. 

For its size, it is possible to get excellent mass transfer rates. So long as the impurities can fit right into the pore diameter, you should find it guide a nice molecular sieve to use. 

One of the popular uses of the 13X molecular sieve is to separate oxygen and nitrogen. This should lead to a highly pure oxygen stream. These sieves will also have strong and robust materials used to build them. 

Some of the industries that need the use of a molecular sieve 4A include ammonia and syngas, refineries, petrochemicals, industrial drying, PSA hydrogen purification, and more. 

Seeing these two differences is always good to know more about when to choose either of them. You should never end up with a molecular sieve that cannot do its job correctly. 

What Should You Know Before Picking a Molecular Sieve 4A?

buying molecular sieve 4a

Reading through the guide must have got you excited about the molecular sieve 4A already. Even for those yet to use it, they need to know that such molecular sieves would be quite good for them to have better processes. Here are more things to know about the molecular sieve 4A before buying. 

  • The sieve would act as a water or moisture removal sieve. Sometimes you end up with moisture in processes that do not need such. The sieve will remove the moisture which would be treated as a contaminant for a process. 
  • Different brands make different products. Before you can simply buy a molecular sieve 4A, learn more about the brand first. This helps you save money later by getting high quality molecular sieves 4A. 
  • Always understand the storage and handling needs of a molecular sieve 4A. This would only help you further in improving the performance of the molecular sieve 4A. If you take good care of the molecular sieve 4A, it should last you for years. 

What Makes the SWT Molecular Sieve 4A the Best?


After going through the guide above, you may be interested in getting the molecular sieve 4A for your application. However, why buy from SWT? Here are the reasons. 

  • Improved molecular sieves

When buying from SWT, one thing we can assure you is that you are buying high quality molecular sieves 4A. These molecular sieves will have to go through several quality check stages to ensure that you always end up with quality molecular sieves always. 

SWT also does more research and development approaches towards the various molecular sieves including the 4A. So, after a while, the released products would have improved performance generally. 

  • Highly recommended

The SWT products are highly recommended. The reason is mostly because of the performance that the molecular sieve 4A can deliver. The performance is better compared to some other brands in the market offering the same product. So, you would buy the molecular sieve knowing it is the best. 

Looking around for reviews on SWT molecular sieves will be good enough mostly to make you consider us. They are always mostly positive. 

  • Affordability 

Anyone who has bought molecular sieves before knows they are not the cheapest. However, that should not be the case always when we can help you save more money. The molecular sieve 4A you buy from SWT will generally be more affordable. Also, sometimes you may come across amazing discounts depending on how much of the sieves you want for a project. 

  • Multiple products

SWT boasts of having multiple sieve products. Whether you want the sieve 4A, 3A, or 5A, you can always find them at the company. Such a wide range of options means even those having different applications can find the right molecular sieve to make their project run efficiently. 

The products are also in forms such as paste, beads, pellets, and powder. All these forms will have a place and time in various applications around the world. 

  • Fast support team 

There are times you may want more information about the molecular sieve 4A. It is worth pointing out how the SWT team can help you learn everything you need about the molecular sieve 4A. The team fully understands the products so that you would get all the information after asking your questions. 

You can get to us via email, skype, or phone. SWT is always ready to attend to any queries you may be having. 



 The best molecular sieve 4A from SWT is what you need for an application that needs a molecular sieve. Yes, the molecular sieve 4A is quite versatile to a point it will be unique to handle various projects at once. Those who are not sure about where to use the molecular sieve 4A, simply get in touch with the SWT team for more information. We also covered the applications in the guide above briefly, so you should have all the information you want. 

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