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  • molecular sieve delivery
  • molecular sieve 3a types
  • molecular sieve 3a quality testing
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Molecular sieve 3A is a top choice in case you want to capture the unsaturated hydrocarbons. These hydrocarbons can be in the form of polymers. So, it is best if you always find the right molecular sieve for the job. If you work with SWT, you are likely to find better sieves than before. 

Our quality control team will be vital for ensuring that you always find the right molecular sieve 3A. This type of sieve undergoes several quality checks to see if it meets the requirements that clients would be looking for. It will only be released if all tests are done and it passes. 

How long will you a client wait for the molecular sieve 3A? For most people, this would be quite the information they want to have at hand. The good news here at SWT is that we always do fast turnarounds on orders. The support team will give you a good turnaround time upon making the order. 

Talking of the support team, you can rely on it to get all the vital information about a molecular sieve 3A. If you can have all the critical information, it is easier to place your order with us. If that sounds great, connect with the support team for more information.

  • In the production of insulated glass
  • Dehydrating natural gas
  • Drying of unsaturated hydrocarbons
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molecular sieve 3a vs 4a
Molecular sieve 3a vs 4a
Molecular sieve 3a water adsorption
Molecular sieve 3a water adsorption
molecular sieve 3a regeneration
Molecular sieve 3a regeneration
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Molecular sieve 3a powder
molecular sieve 3a activation
Molecular sieve 3a activation
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Molecular sieve 3a surface area
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Molecular sieve 3a bulk density
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Molecular sieve 3a beads
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Molecular sieve 3a composition
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Molecular sieve 3a water capacity
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Molecular sieve 3a ethanol drying
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Molecular sieve 3a pellets

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Molecular Sieve 3A: The Best Moisture Adsorbent


Molecular sieves have been in use for decades now. Each time, you will come across various types of molecular sieves with the molecular sieve 3A being one of them. It is actually a popular choice for those in the market for a high-quality molecular sieve for many industrial applications. This would make a person that is yet to see or use one wonder what it is supposed to do. The guide below is detailed enough to help anyone learn more about the molecular sieve 3A and its uses. 

What is Molecular Sieve 3A?

molecular sieve 3a type

The molecular sieve 3A is called so because of its size. The design of this molecular sieve is in a way that makes it to have a 3 angstroms pore size. So, anything that has a larger size more than 3A will not get adsorbed by this molecular sieve. 

This molecular sieve 3A will have potassium ion replacing the sodium ions that you would get in the molecular sieve 4A. Because of this cation, you would get it mostly preferred for certain type of applications. As for the sequence rate, the molecular sieve 3A starts with helium, neon, then nitrogen and water. 

Many industries would mostly consider using the molecular sieve 3A thanks to its many benefits. One thing people will enjoy about the molecular sieve 3A will be the high adsorption speed. It will then make sure you get the job done faster. Also, you will end up with a stronger molecular sieve. Also, its contamination resistance is quite high. These advantages make the molecular sieve quite reliable when working on various projects that you might have. 

How about regeneration and reuse? The molecular sieve 3A remains a top consideration for those buying molecular sieves because of its ease of regeneration. So long as you follow the steps as offered by the manufacturer, your molecular sieve 3A will remain working good for several years before you have to replace it. 

The steps to regenerate the sieve are easy. The same is also true for storage. Once you have the molecular sieve cleaned, you can have them stored in an airtight container. Keep them that way until the next time you have to use them. This helps keep the molecular sieve 3A from adsorbing the moisture in the environment. 

Where Best Can You Use Molecular Sieve 3A?

molecular sieve 3a applications1

The molecular sieve 3A will be popular in different industries where it is used in adsorbing moisture. You would then find it vital for both gas and liquid applications. It must be why you will find it commonly in use for making insulated glass. The last thing someone wants for such a glass is to have condensation. The many other applications of the molecular sieve 3A include the following, 

  • In coating, elastomers, adhesives, and sealants

The moisture sieve 3A will be an excellent moisture scavenger in the polyurethane coatings, elastomers, sealants, and adhesives. The sieve will contain the right size that helps in adsorbing the moisture better based on the molecular size and its polarity too. So, the molecular sieve will only adsorb the water but not the pigments, resins, or solvents. 

You can get it in powder form too, it should be easy to apply to your need. 

  • Natural gas processing

The natural gas processing plants would depend on the molecular sieve 3A to help in removing moisture and various other contaminants. This is in both the gas and liquid phases of the production. We always recommend the use of the molecular sieve 3A because it helps in gas dehydration and ensure the final product meets the quality industry specifications. You could use it in combination with other molecular sieve types to remove other contaminants such the carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, and oxygenates. 

  • Refining

It is common to find the refineries using molecular sieve 3As in different stages of their production line. The molecular sieve is mostly used in treating the gas and liquid hydrocarbons ensuring they meet the product specifications. When there is proper adsorption of moisture, it also helps prevent possible equipment corrosion or damage. 

You can have the molecular sieve 3A or 4A being used depending on the amount and level olefins that are in the stream. SWT will always guide you better on choosing the right type once you explain your application to us. 

  • Solvent treating and drying 

The hydrocarbon solvents might often end up with impurities such as oxygenates, sulfur, and water. To help remove them from the solvents, you need the molecular sieves 3A. The molecular sieves will remove the impurities leaving you with solvents that meet the industry and customer specifications. The best part is that you could still regenerate the molecular sieves 3A and reuse them for the same process over several years. 

  • Petrochemicals 

Petrochemical is not new to using various types of olefins and many other hydrocarbon streams. There is the need of ensuring that any impurities are removed before the product can hit the market. The molecular sieve 3A would be a nice option for removing as much moisture as possible. This also includes the removal of hydrocarbons too. Let us just say your final product should be free of any impurities and meet the industry standards easily. 

The sure thing is that there will always be more applications of molecular sieve 3A. You can get professional help from the SWT support team. This ensures you only use the molecular sieve 3A as required to get the right results. 

How is the Molecular Sieve 3A different from 4A and 5A?

Molecular sieve 3a vs 4a

When you are not buying molecular sieve 3A, you may find yourself buying either molecular sieve 4A or 5A. You may notice that some applications can use either of the three molecular sieves we have just mentioned. Here is how the molecular sieve 3A differs from the other two models. 

  • Molecular sieve 4A

Just like molecular sieve 3A, this one would have a pore size of 4 angstroms. So, any of the molecules that are larger than 4 angstroms, they would not be adsorbed. Here, SWT uses sodium instead of potassium like you would get with the 3A option. 

The molecular sieve 4A adsorption sequence rate is argon, krypton, ammonia, xenon, carbon monoxide, and carbon dioxide. Because of its sequence, it mostly looks like a good option for various applications as we will see later. 

The molecular sieve 4A will also have a high adsorption rate just like molecular sieve 3A. It is the same story when you look at the contamination resistance and crushing strength. So, you will have molecular sieves with extended product lives. 

The molecular sieve 4A will be a great choice for removing the contaminants and moisture from the gaseous and liquefied materials. It is for such a property that the molecular sieve will be a great choice for the following applications. 

  • Refrigerant drying 
  • Drying cracked gas
  • Natural gas drying
  • Removing moisture from paint
  • Dehydration of polar compounds
  • Dehydration of unsaturated hydrocarbons etc. 

Reusing and regenerating is also possible. First, you have to remove the moisture and other adsorbed material before the next application. 

  • Molecular Sieve 5A 

The molecular sieve 5A as you may have already guessed will not adsorb the molecules that are larger than 5 angstroms. The molecular sieve will be made of an alkali aluminosilicate which also have a type A crystal structure. It should be able to separate the isomerous and normal alkane, adsorb moisture, and also carbon dioxide. You would also get it useful for pressure swing adsorption too. 

The unique size of the molecular sieve 5A makes it a good desiccant for applications such as;

  • The paraffin separating process
  • Pressure swing adsorption process 
  • Refining the SF6 refrigerant 

Now that you know the differences between the two, you can always choose the right molecular sieve depending on the application. Consider the sizes as indicated in angstroms to pick the right desiccant for the job. 

What is the Water Capacity of the Molecular Sieve 3A?


Whenever you are buying the molecular sieve 3A, you need to know more about its ability to adsorb water. The figures we are going to share are based on keeping the temperature at 25 degrees Celsius and the relative humidity at 10%. For this scenario, the molecular sieve 3A will adsorb water molecules up to 19 to 20% of their weight. 

When you compare with the others, the 4A would be around 20 to 21%, 5A would be 21 to 22%, and 13X would adsorb 23 to 24% of its weight. As expected, there will be a difference as you go higher in the size of the pores as the molecular sieve can adsorb more molecules. 

How Will You Choose the Best Molecular Sieve 3A Brand?

molecular sieve 3a brand

Choosing the best molecular sieve 3A brand is highly important. This determines how good the molecular sieve will do its job. 

  • The first thing is the reputation of the brand reputation getting you the molecular sieve 3A. If the company have a good reputation, then you would never need to worry about the product. That is what SWT promises you to get when working with it. 
  • How about the experience? Of course, the experience would be quite important. You should go ahead and buy from SWT knowing it would be quite good at its job. It has been making the molecular sieves for decades. 
  • The pricing might also be another factor that determines your choice of the molecular sieve 3A. If the pricing is not within the affordable range, you might end up losing some money generally. The best thing about SWT is that it will offer you affordable, but high-quality molecular sieve 3A. 
  • Delivery and production times. The molecular sieves are always needed in fast turnaround times. If the company cannot give you the best turnaround time, you end up losing out on the production process. SWT would like to assure you of better production and delivery time than what you may have found with competitors. 
  • The customer support team should also help in ensuring the clients can have all the vital details about the product they want to buy. The SWT support team is always on standby to help you understand everything molecular sieve 3A. You can be sure that the molecular sieve you buy would be the right one now that you have all the information. 

What is the Process of Regenerating or Activating the Molecular Sieve 3A?

Molecular Sieve 3a regeneration

When buying the molecular sieve 3A, what will be in your mind is how well to use the sieves. Before using the sieves, there is the need for activating and regenerating too at some point. Due to how the molecular sieves are handled and transported, they will get to you while being saturated with water. Do not worry as drying the molecular sieves 3A will be easy to do so that you can start using them. 

It is conventional wisdom that you heat the molecular sieves up to 300 degrees Celsius or more to dry them. Hold this temperature for around three hours to ensures that the molecular sieves dry and are ready for use. 

Once the process of drying is complete, you should store the freshly activated molecular sieves in an airtight glass container. You could double wrap the lid to ensure the molecular sieves remain active. Doing this will keep them active for at least six months. 

Prolonged storage of over 8 months might lead to some noticeable yellow discoloration of the sieves. This is because the sieves are mildly basic. It can lead to some reactions based on how they were stored. 

If you need more clarification on the molecular sieve 3A activation, we are here to help as much as possible. We will give you all the details you should know about molecular sieve 3A activation so that they can work as you wanted. 

Molecular Sieve 3A vs. Silica Gel. Which is the Best?


When seeking a desiccant, you will mostly come across options such as molecular sieve 3A and silica gel. They are the best options for those who may want to control relative humidity in pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and nutraceuticals. Understanding how the two work would largely help in ensuring you can always get the best molecular sieve or silica gel whenever necessary. 

The silica gel beads are mostly made from silicon dioxide which has a micro-porous structure. Its pores would range from 3 to 60 A depending on what you choose. You already know about the molecular sieve 3A and how it works. Let us see how different they are to each other. 

The biggest difference is the rate of moisture adsorption. The molecular sieve 3A will generally have an impressive adsorptive capacity while at low humidity levels. You would find that silica gel might not perform so well in the same conditions. However, both would have the same moisture retention capacity when the temperature is maintained but the relative humidity raised to 40%. 

The rate of adsorption is higher in molecular sieve 3A meaning there will be faster moisture removal when using the molecular sieve rather than silica gel. As much as the silica gel can also have good adsorption rate, it tends to worsen if the temperature is raised. So, some applications would not be the right ones to use for silica gel. 

As much as sometimes silica gel might be a consideration, most of the time the adsorption capacity and rate make it so easy to pick molecular sieve 3A over the others. 

Is Powdered Molecular Sieve 3A as Good as Pelleted Molecular Sieve 3A?

molecular sieve 3a vs silica gel

The molecular sieve 3A come as either powder, beads, or pellets from SWT. There will be many other forms, but there are the most commonly bought together. So, depending on the form, you can find that each one of them has a use in the industry. The beads are vital for various applications and would be the most common. This includes using them in the filtration system such as breathing equipment and gas streams. 

You will also come across the use of the powder form of the molecular sieve 3A. Such a form can also be a huge consideration keeping in mind that it has a higher dispensability. Also, it can adsorb more molecules quicker than the spere or pellet molecular sieves. 

The power molecular sieves are ideal for specialized applications. The formless shape makes it easy to add the sieves to different products. They include polymers, paint, and more. This helps a lot in removing of air bubbles and moisture. The powder can still be mixed with other active ingredients to aid in reducing the moisture in the air. 

You could still find use for molecular sieve 3A in products such as adhesives and sealants. Even if they get compromised by moisture, you can get them back to good working conditions with the right desiccants. The molecular sieve 3A will also be good at helping the prevention of product degradation with time. 

Because of the high efficiency of the powder molecular sieve 3A, you will find it commonly being used to remove the moisture depending on the application. The powdered molecular sieve should still be stored correctly if you want to use them later correctly. 

What is the Lifespan of Molecular Sieves 3A?

molecular sieve 3a lifespan

The molecular sieves 3A will not last forever. So, understanding their lifespan would be quite vital to ensuring that you get to replace the molecular sieves 3A when the time is right. The service life will largely depend on the working conditions. Some conditions might require that you replace the molecular sieve 3A sooner than what you wanted. The other things that would affect the molecular sieve service life include the following. 

  • The dryer size
  • Activation methods 
  • The regeneration cycle 
  • Regeneration methods 
  • Maintenance 
  • The water content etc. 

The most common service life you would get with the molecular sieve 3A is 24,000 to 40,000 or 3 to 5 years. So, the molecular sieves should do a good job of ensuring your application is working as expected. 

Here is an example of how long the molecular sieve will last when it is used in different scenarios. 

  • Air separation unit – 8 to 10 years
  • Petrochemical separation unit – 3 to 5 years
  • Natural gas processing plant – 5 to 8 years
  • Liquid product drying device – 1 to 3 years
  • Hydrogen dryer – 7 to 8 years
  • General pyrolysis gas dryer – 3 to 5 years

If you ever want to improve the service life of your molecular sieve 3A, then consider doing proper maintenance on the molecular sieves. Also, use them as the manufacturer recommends. SWT always recommends that you use it within the design value of the adsorption equipment. This means that you consider the flow, pressure, and temperature of the operating system. 

Those who may encounter problems are advised to seek the help of the SWT customer support team. You can also get the best product warranty to serve you for many years to come. 

How Can You Dispose Molecular Sieve 3A?


When the molecular sieve 3A has outlived its usefulness, what follows would be disposing it. The disposal of the molecular sieve would often vary from one region to another. Like for the U.S., you have to dispose such a material specifically in licensed landfills. This material would then be analyzed and disposed correctly by using the right chemical waste management. 

There is no need for specialized handling of the molecular sieve 3A since the binder and zeolite mixture would be inert at this point. Also, it is often classified as synthetic clay. The only reason you may find that controlled waste management is recommended would be because the molecular sieve 3A might come into contact with hazardous substances during its operations. 

SWT will include all the best way to manage the disposal of the molecular sieve 3A in the manual. This will help you do it correctly without ending up in trouble with the authorities. Of course, always check with the local laws on the disposal of the molecular sieve 3A. 



The molecular sieve 3A is quite the versatile option. Many would mostly find it an ideal option since it can handle various processing applications. The industrial applications of the sieve have been mentioned above in detail. So, you buy knowing where to use the sieve. If it sounds like a good plan, SWT is ready to serve you better. Just give us a call. 

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