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Molecular Sieve 13x
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  • high quality molecular sieve 13x
  • molecular sieve 13x in oxygen concentrator
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  • molecular sieve 13x product packaging

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  • Impressive adsorbent performance 
  • High-capacity capability 
  • Impressive mass transfer rates
  • Quality is maintained throughout
  • Competitive prices

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This is a different type of molecular sieve compared to the 3A, 4A, and 5A options. In comparison, type X would have larger pore openings. It would mostly adsorb molecules whose kinetic diameter is less than 9 Angstrom. It would also exclude the large molecules. Because of such a design, these molecular sieves would mostly offer more capacity and a better mass transfer rate. 

The molecular sieve 13X will be a popular option for separating nitrogen from oxygen. You should then expect to see more companies that need such an application using it. Another application would be removing CO2 and moisture from the air in addition to other gases. There will generally be more applications for this molecular sieve. 

The quality of the molecular sieve 13X remains top-notch. Our team goes through the whole production process to ensure the quality is always maintained. The last thing a person wants is to get a molecular sieve that would not do its job right. Talk to our representatives for more details on the quality. 

You can always expect the best quality with SWT. Our team invests a lot in better production capacity so that our clients can get their products fast too. When you need the molecular sieves 13x delivered on time, let SWT handle your order. Reach out today for more.

  • Natural gas sweetening
  • Production of oxygen
  • In PSA units
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Molecular sieve 13x chemicals
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Molecular sieve 13x uses
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Molecular sieve 13x vs 3a
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Molecular sieve 13x composition

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Molecular Sieve 13X: The Best Adsorption Capacity


Molecular sieves will be available in different types, sizes, and other features too. For this case, you can find that there is also the option of getting a molecular sieve 13X. This type of sieve will be one of the best for you to get for certain types of applications as we will see later. If you can use it as recommended, you will find that you got yourself the best molecular sieve. Let us learn more about it below. 

What is a Molecular Sieve 13X?

molecular sieve 13x type

A 13X molecular sieve has a unique composition that is different from the other types of molecular sieves. It will have a larger kinetic diameter mostly around 9 angstroms compared to what you get with the Type A molecular sieves. It is for this reason; such molecular sieves will have a high capacity. In theory, it would have the highest capacity than the other common adsorbents in the market. Also, it is going to have a higher mass transfer rate. So, it is expected to find it having a lot more applications. 

The molecular sieve 13X will be ideal for removing the large impurities that will not fit in the Type A molecular sieves. 

What are the Major Applications of Molecular Sieve 13X?

molecular sieve 13x major applications

Molecular sieves 13X will always have multiple applications. However, we can single out a few to help learn more about this type of molecular sieve. 

  • Cryogenic air separation

This type of method will play an important role in the production of argon, nitrogen, and oxygen. This is through the elimination of contaminants such as water and carbon dioxide from the gas stream. Since there have been advancement in the production of such molecular sieves, you an expect better air separation and quality. 

The newer molecular sieves 13X will have amazing adsorption capabilities at different temperatures. That is how you may find it easy to use such a molecular sieve for many industrial applications such as those mentioned above. 

  • Air drying 

This should be self-explanatory to most people. In this case, the air is passed through the molecular sieves that help in removing the moisture. This makes the air meet some quality standards depending on the application. Also, removal of moisture also helps prevent rust in the different types of piping for certain applications. So, you will get that molecular sieves 13X are quite vital for many uses. 

The good think is that even if you are working at high relative humidity levels, you will always find the molecular sieve 13X good for the job. 

  • Oxygen generator 

The oxygen generator will also be a good place to use the molecular sieve 13X. In this case, the adsorption capacity of the molecular sieve will help in the production of high purity oxygen through the adsorption of nitrogen. It mostly depends on the molecular sieve pore size that you choose. The good thing is that you get impressive wear resistance and a longer service life too. The high performance means good performance always. 

  • Purifying landfill gas

Maintaining landfills is not easy. At some point, you need to deal with the smell and many toxins. It will take you a lot of money to have the landfill smelling good once again. However, the many extra costs can be avoided when you consider using molecular sieves 13X. They are quite good at adsorbing the various smells and gases leaving you with a nice smelling environment. No more toxic gases being let into the air around you. 

  • Biogas production

Many countries around the world are now opting for biogas as an alternative source of energy. Even with the advances in technology, sometimes you need something efficient. That is how molecular sieves 13X found their way into our homes. You can find them being used mostly for improving the quality of the methane gas which has hydrogen sulfide that would be toxic. Now that the gas is purified better, there will be no risks to using it for cooking. 

  • Mercaptan removal

During the manufacturer of some productions, there is a common process known as mercaptan oxidation. It is a quite important process mostly used in the treatment of LPG. It is during this treatment that you would find major contaminants removed. Such include sulfur. For this process to be successful, a lot goes on. It includes using special catalysts and also combine them with molecular sieve 13X. 

Other than decontaminating LPG, the same would also help in decontaminating propane, butanes, jet fuel, and kerosene. Since many homes still use kerosene in their homes, decontaminating it will be quite vital. 

  • Siloxane removal 

Siloxane removal can be another vital use of the molecular sieve 13X. This type of waste is traced to biogas generation. Rather than discarding it and leading to more greenhouse gases, the solution would be to remove them with the molecular sieve 13X. 

There will always be many other applications of the molecular sieve. What is important is fully understanding its capabilities before using it. Here at SWT, you will find all the help that you want to ensure that you use the molecular sieve 13X correctly. 

Why Use the SWT Molecular Sieves 13X?

SWT molecular sieve 13x

With several manufacturers in the market, sometimes you may want more convincing that SWT makes the best molecular sieves. Here are the reasons for picking the molecular sieves from us. 

  • Low dust

Since molecular sieves are mostly shaped into pellets and beads, sometimes you may experience dusts. However, SWT uses the right materials that will leave you with low dust. Sometimes you will not even have to expect any dust. This means that your whole system remains clean and stable. Also, the service life is extended. 

  • Durable 

The molecular sieves 13X from SWT are durable. You can always regenerate them and continue using for the various recommended applications. Also, because of the durability in addition to compact manufacturing, you get low attrition rate. So, the durability will generally make running these molecular sieve applications cheaper. No need to keep replacing the molecular sieves more often. 

  • High crush strength 

The high crush strength is another vital feature most people would like about the molecular sieves 13x. The research time is always looking for better ways of improving the durability and resilience of the pellets. So now you can use them in environments with higher pressure and they will still work great. 

  • Impressive adsorption capacity 

Anyone seeking a molecular sieve package wants them to have a high adsorption capacity. You never have to worry about such because our molecular sieve 13X will be good at the adsorption rate and capacity. As such, you get better performance generally with the different applications you may have in mind. 

How is the Molecular Sieve 13X Packed and Shipped?


The way the molecular sieve is packed will affect its performance. This is something that here at SWT we understand and we always strive to make the packaging even better. The first thing would be packaging them in new containers whenever possible. There is also the addition of a sealing strip to the container to avoid any risk of water damage. The result is that you will get the molecular sieve 13X on time while it is also good to use. 

As for the product itself, it is stored in an airtight iron drum. The ideal is to keep the molecular sieve from adsorbing moisture before the new owner can use it. We also recommend that when you start using the molecular sieves, try to maintain the drum as airtight as possible. This means that you do not need to keep regenerating the molecular sieves before using them. Of course, we can always pack the molecular sieve based on your requirements. Just let us know how you would like the molecular sieves to be handle. 

How Will the Molecular Sieve 13X Be Regenerated?


Molecular sieve regeneration will always be important if you have hopes of having it working correctly. Whenever the molecular sieve is regenerated, you will end up with better adsorption of the gas molecules. So, always follow what you are advised by the manufacturer to ensure that you find the best molecular sieve. You should definitely note that the molecular sieves will age with each regeneration. So, always buy the SWT sieves as they can last through several cycles of regeneration. 

The process of regeneration is not as hard as some might think. Well, you simply have to increase the pressure in the working environment and reduce the pressure subsequently. When raising the temperature, make sure it is between 250 to 312 degrees Celsius. Such as temperature is high enough to remove the contaminants that had been adsorbed from the molecular sieve 13X. Sometimes you could use pure gas to help in providing sufficient temperature and pressure too for warming up the molecular sieve even better. 

However, you should exercise care and ensure the temperature does not go beyond 450 degrees C. Such a temperature might alter the compound properties of the sieve and might make the molecular sieve 13X ineffective. 

What Should You Keep in Mind When Buying Molecular Sieves 13X?

molecular sieve 13x buying

The molecular sieves 13X are awesome to a point more companies are always willing to spend more to get them. Of course, they are also quite good at what they do. Before making that important decision, you should have a few considerations in mind. 

  • Understand how it works

The molecular sieves might work like other desiccants, but they are even better at what they do. Keep in mind that there are multiple molecular sieves in the market, so you need to find the right one that would be useful for the project at hand. The pores are also sized differently even when buying the molecular sieve 13X. So, confirm with the manufacturer first to see if the size available will be a good choice for your application. 

  • The materials 

Depending on the company, you are likely to come across different choices for materials. So, it makes sense if you can research more on the materials to see how good it would serve you. There are several molecular sieve manufacturers so ask first the choice of material. Here at SWT, we always use the best materials that would remain working efficiently even years after the purchase. That is what you should always go for. 

  • The regeneration ability 

Some might think just because they are molecular sieves, you can regenerate them as many times as you want. You may be shocked to find that some may be used only once or have so much limited regeneration capability. When you keep replacing the molecule sieves, it becomes expensive generally. So, go for the SWT molecular sieve 13X that can be regenerated for several years. Here you stand a chance of recovering the expenses you had done earlier on buying the molecular sieves 13X. 

  • The budget in mind 

You would not be buying the molecular sieve 13X without a proper budget. You may be surprised with the price of molecular sieves. It is then best to find the right type of molecular sieve and within budget. That is what you will find with the SWT 13X molecular sieves. This does not mean that the affordable molecular sieves will not do a good job. You should expect them to be quite good at their applications. 

  • The use 

Anyone who is getting the molecular sieve 13X will always have a use for them. The good thing is that even if you do not know where best to use them, you will get a team of experts here. We will guide you better on how to use the molecular sieve 13X appropriately. The last thing you need is to waste the molecular sieves. 

So, always talk to experts such as SWT to have an idea of where best to use the molecular sieve to avoid wasting your money. You can also land some discounts depending on when you are buying the molecular sieve 13X. 


Is the Powdered Molecular Sieve 13X Any Good?

molecular sieve 13x powder

You will often come across molecular sieves 13X in different formats. They include powder, beads, pellets, and paste. Each of the format would be ideal for certain situations. So, it is vital to find the right one for your application. We will focus mostly on the powdered molecular sieve this time round. 

The powdered molecular sieves would be a great choice for specialized applications. The formless shape means that they can be used in options such as polymers and paint. This would help in the removal of air bubbles and also moisture. As expect, moisture would be one of the things the molecular sieve would remove. 

The powder molecular sieves 13X may still get mixed with some ingredients too to aid reduce moisture level in the air. You would get the same being used for products such as adhesives and sealants. The last thing anyone wants is a compromised sealant. This would generally mean that it will not work as good and can lead to degradation of the final product. 

The powder molecular sieve 13X will still be vital for removing moisture from the air. So, you always have to store them correctly to avoid adsorbing so much moisture unnecessarily. 

The ease of use of such molecular sieves has generally made them a popular choice for adsorption systems. This would make them a great choice to consider most of the time. So, consider using them to help in improving your processes based on what you are manufacturing. 

You should always work expects such as SWT to find out more about the right way of handling the powdered molecular sieve 13X. They are just as good as the other formats. 

What are the other Types of Desiccants other than Molecular Sieve 13X?

other types of molecular sieves

You are always going to get various options while looking for desiccants and of course the molecular sieve is one of them. Molecular sieves 13X or any other type of molecular sieves will be good for drying gas and liquid streams. The same are helpful for cryogenic applications. 

Silica gel is another desiccant you are likely to come across right now. You may find it in shoes and other products. Well, it will mostly be used to adsorb moisture and humidity to help protect the photos and documents. 

Activated carbon on the other hand is the right now for purifying the air from the chemical source. It would still be ideal for filtering water to remove as many impurities as possible. That is how you find it popular in the cleaning of water systems. It would still be a good choice for removing odor. 

How about activated alumina? This is a great desiccant that would be good in binding the toxic substances. This would leave the final product free from such toxins. Also, it is best known for industrial water purification. 

Sorbead will be another desiccant in the market. It is mostly used for protection against moisture. Also, it would be common in the packaging industry. 

There are also the oxygen absorbers as desiccants. The idea is to help in increasing the shelf life of food. Also, they help prevent any growth of mold. So, their applications are quite important. 

Well, we cannot list all the desiccants in the market, but you can be sure that what we offer you here at SWT will be a good choice generally. We will make sure that you find molecular sieves that will do the job right for you to experience the best value for money. 

How Does the Molecular Sieve 13X Compare to the Type A Molecular Sieves?

molecular sieve 13x comparison

The molecular sieves will come in different types such as what we have looked at in this guide as Type X and then there is Type A. These molecular sieves will be different in terms of size and overall structure. So, understanding them below should help a lot for you to make the right decision. 

The first option you will come across is the type 3A. This one will exclude all the other molecules except those of water. As such, you will only use the molecular sieve if your main aim is to adsorb moisture from a product. That is how you find it the popular choice as a drying agent for natural gas, reactive monomers, and ethanol too. 

The type 4A would also be a great choice for removing many molecules. With its size of 4 angstroms, it will be an effective general purpose drying agent. Depending on the conditions where you use it, the same would be ideal to remove carbon dioxide. 

How about using the type 5A? This one is formed through the calcium ion-exchange. This would leave you with a strong type 5A molecular sieve. It is always seen as an excellent choice to remove carbon monoxide among many other weakly polar molecules.

So, you should see that the molecular sieves mentioned above will all have different uses based on the needs of a person. Also, each has a specific pore size. The pore size will be vital for determining the right application. If you want to remove more molecules, you consider 13X molecular sieve because it has the largest pore size and also capacity. These are some of the things that make the 13X type even better. 

Can the Support Team Help You Choose the Molecular Sieve 13X?


There are times you may not be sure if you want to get a molecular sieve 13X or not. Here is when you need to rely on our able technical team to help you figure out what the sieve is all about and why you need to pick it. The team talking to you has experience in the design, operation, and subsequent maintenance. So, you can always buy knowing that you got the best advice. 

Still, there are many ways for you to reach us. This is crucial to ensure that you always get the right help at any time. 



The best molecular sieve 13X will do a lot of good for you. More often you will find it being recommended for different applications. Because of its large capacity, it is no doubt one of the best options to get today. So, if you ever need a molecular size and this one seems to be able to serve you, it is time to consider it. Let us get you the best deal today on molecular sieves 13X. Get in touch for more details where necessary. 


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