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Lithium Zeolite for Oxygen Concentrator
  • It is easy to generate oxygen with the zeolites
  • Products lead to high quality oxygen production
  • Can easily be regenerated for more oxygen concentration
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  • Lithium zeolite use in oxygen generator
  • lithium zeolite packaging
  • lithium zeolite factory
  • benefits of lithium zeolite

Lithium Zeolite for Oxygen Concentrator Manufacturer

  • Impressive adsorption capacity 
  • Faster adsorbing rate
  • Fast desorbing rate 
  • Good for PSA applications 
  • Impressive separation coefficient

Your Reliable Lithium Zeolite for Oxygen Concentrator Manufacturer

The Lithium Zeolite for Oxygen concentrator has some of the best efficiency you will get in the market. Since an oxygen concentrator is a vital machine that needs the best equipment, SWT is here to help you get one. The moment you measure the stream of oxygen coming out of the concentrator, it will be high-quality thanks to the lithium zeolite. 

The lithium zeolite for oxygen concentrator also has the best adsorption levels. Since you want a sieve that can improve the production of oxygen, it is good to know this SWT sieve has the right performance. It can help in adsorbing nitrogen and consequently lead to better oxygen generation. 

It is not just about adsorbing as the lithium zeolite for oxygen concentrator is also good at desorption. Of course, desorption is vital so that it can be used in the adsorption stage once again. SWT gives you the methods to follow for the desorption process. Once you are done with desorption, you can start using it for oxygen concentration once again. 

Having a higher separation coefficient means that the lithium zeolite for oxygen concentrator will be three times better than some popular Type A molecular sieves. This separation coefficient also means a faster adsorption rate. So, buy it today knowing you getting a worthy product.

  • Oxygen production
  • Nitrogen production
  • Argon production
  • PSA oxygen concentrator
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Lithium Zeolite for Oxygen Concentrator: The Better Adsorbent to Buy


Oxygen concentrators are quite important for you to consider. They are relevant in the medical world where they come in handy to ensure the patients can have a clean and pure stream of oxygen. Well, an oxygen concentrator would need a molecular sieve if there is any hope of ending up with the high purity oxygen. We will look at the lithium zeolite for oxygen concentrator so that you can make up your mind. 

What is Lithium Zeolite?

lithium zeolite type

When you are in the market for zeolite molecular sieves, you will find them made of two main materials. They include sodium and lithium. People are now opting for the lithium zeolites because they offer more efficiency than when using the sodium types. This is not just as a marketing gimmick, but there are several studies showing how the lithium zeolite is among the best options for various applications. 

A good example is when the lithium zeolite is used in oxygen concentrators. You will not need a larger oxygen concentrator since the lithium zeolite would still be effective in smaller quantities. With the reduced size of the oxygen concentrator, you find it is now easier to move around. 

Well, all this convenience might mean that you pay more for the lithium zeolite to experience the best performance. It might be why the sodium type still remains the popular option in the market. However, SWT will make you access the lithium zeolite at an affordable price than what you get from other brands. 

So, if you ever want to experience more of the newer technology of lithium zeolite, we are here to help you further. Talk to us for more details about the molecular sieve. 

How is Lithium Zeolite used for PSA and VPSA Oxygen Concentrator?


PSA or pressure swing adsorption and the VPSA or vacuum pressure swing adsorption are both important in helping you get high purity oxygen as the end product. These methods will both need molecular sieves to end up with the right purity. However, how does this happen? That is why we look at how you can use lithium zeolite rather than the sodium zeolite for this process. 

During the process, the pressure swing will make the nitrogen and oxygen in the air to be separated. This is the most difficult part. However, with the lithium zeolite sieve, you can get oxygen purity of over 96%. So, this should be generally for various medical applications. 

When you look at the setup of the VPSA, it will cost a bit more to have it running correctly. However, it will generally have low energy consumption and the maintenance is low compared to using the PSA process. In case the demand for oxygen is high, it makes sense to consider using the VPSA rather than PSA. 

SWT makes high quality lithium zeolite sieves that offer a larger adsorption capacity, impressive nitrogen and oxygen selectivity, good dynamic adsorption rate, and high crush strength. SWT has largely invested in making high quality lithium zeolites for you to get the best results too. And in case there is an issue all the products have a warranty to give you a sense of peace. 

How are You Supposed to Store or Handle Lithium Zeolite?


The lithium zeolite is like other molecular sieves. It is likely to adsorb water when left in the open. That is why you are always advised to store it right in an air tight container or the one we supply you from SWT. The idea is to minimize the amount of moisture the sieves adsorb. You can use the lithium zeolite regeneration process to get them back to working when they seem to be full. The process of doing so would be in the guide that comes with the package. 

How is Lithium Zeolite Made?


You may notice that majority of the zeolites are made of sodium material. However, you can get the lithium zeolite by having an ion exchange. This is where the sodium is replaced with lithium ions. It is a complex process, but we have the right tools and machines to make it simpler and affordable. 

The resulting lithium zeolite will have a significant improvement in the way it adsorbs and selects nitrogen and oxygen from the air steam. You will mostly find it popular in the 5-step air separation units that use the PSA technology. 

The types of lithium zeolite for oxygen concentrator will be the same as that of sodium zeolite. We mean that you also get lithium zeolite 3A, 13x, 4A, and 5A. This makes it so easy to know where each of the lithium zeolite would be used best to give you the right performance generally. 

Why is the Lithium Zeolite Used for an Oxygen Concentrator?

lithium zeolite for oxygen concentrator

It is possible to tell the job of an oxygen concentrator from the name alone. Any oxygen concentrator is a device that would help in concentrating of oxygen from an air stream. This is done by selectively adsorbing nitrogen so that the resultant stream in the end has high purity oxygen. The oxygen concentrator would have an air compressor, the lithium zeolite beads or pellets, and other parts that make it easy to concentrate oxygen. If you get a commercial unit, it can deliver an impressive rate of 10 liters of 90% oxygen. 

The oxygen concentrator works by using the pressure swing adsorption technology. Whenever the air is taken in, nitrogen would be removed from the stream leaving you with a rich oxygen supply. This would be good for people who need medical oxygen because of the low levels of the air in the blood. 

Since it is the use of lithium zeolite, it has been found that the oxygen concentrators are now smaller in size. You would generally be happy with the portability. Not to worry as the FAA has also approved the use of such equipment on planes since 2009. So, if you need one, just know you can take it almost anywhere. 

What are the Available Lithium Zeolite Types?

types of lithium zeolite

You will get both the lithium type A and Type X in the market as the zeolite molecular sieve options. 

The Type A would be classified based on the pore size. The size is measured in angstroms or A. That is why you have options such as 3A, 4A, and 5A. 

The Type X option on tother hard is described in terms of how the crystals are formed. They are different from the crystals of type A. They also offer large pore sizes of up to 9 angstroms in diameter. 

All of them start with sodium as the base material. So, they form the respective zeolite molecular sieves based on the ion exchange. The most basic zeolite starts out as the 4A type, but due to ion exchange, you now end up with 3A having potassium ions, and 5A having calcium ions. That is how you now also end up with lithium ions to form the lithium zeolite as a different type on its own. 

The lithium zeolite leads to the formation of the Type X sieves. The lithium zeolite type X will have improved performance as compared to those made of a different material such as sodium. 

We cannot forget to mention how the lithium zeolite with have an impressive binding system offering the best physical characteristics. That is how you end up with the molecular sieves for processes that might use a lot of pressure. 

SWT has a proven track record with thousands of its lithium zeolite sieves installed around the world. There is no doubt you too could use such quality products. 

How are Oxygen and Nitrogen Gases Separated Using the Lithium Zeolite Molecular Sieve?

The separation of oxygen and nitrogen is mostly based on the electrostatic field of the zeolite cations and the additional quadrupole moment of oxygen and nitrogen. 

The electrostatic field of cation can be described as the charge you get on the cation. In this case, it is will be the lithium ions. This charge will modify the molecular sieve property through the alteration of its polarity. Also, the size of the cation will determine the pore size that the lithium zeolite would have. 

As for the quadrupole moment, it is a system containing two dipoles having equal but opposite moments in direction. This is key in the overall separation of the oxygen gas from the nitrogen gas. 

When the lithium zeolite is in action, there is the quadrupole effect. This is simply the measure of asymmetry between the two nuclei. 

The quadrupole of the nitrogen gas is three times compared to that of oxygen. As such, this leads to having a selective adsorption on the zeolite surface. The most popular type is the zeolite 13X which is known to offer the best adsorption selectivity. However, this 13X can be modified with the Lithium ions through an ion exchange method to have even a higher nitrogen adsorption capacity. This is due to the active cation sites when using the lithium zeolite. 

How Long Does Lithium Zeolite Last in an Oxygen Concentrator?

lithium zeolite durability

The lifespan of the lithium zeolite will mostly depend on the use and also the scale. If the small portable oxygen concentrators, it will take long before the lithium zeolite stops working. You may end up using it even for 5 years before the need for replacement. 

As for industrial applications, the lifespan can be shorter. For most it would be around 3 years. This is due to the continuous adsorption and regeneration of the lithium zeolite. Just know that if you can take good care of the lithium zeolite, it would remain in good working condition for long. 

How is Lithium Zeolite replaced in an Oxygen Concentrator?


The replacement process is not hard. All you will have to do is open the oxygen concentrator as directed. You may have to use some specialty tools, but it depends on the model that you have. Once open, reach for the container having the lithium zeolite. Open it and replace the old lithium zeolite with the new one. 

If you get an oxygen concentrator from SWT, we will be glad to help you with the replacing process. Our able team of customer support will do a good job of making it happen with ease. 

How is the Lithium Zeolite Regenerated?

Lithium zeolite regeneration

Like any other zeolite, the lithium zeolite would get saturated with time. This means that it can no longer adsorb moisture and nitrogen like it used to do before. When it gets to this point, there is the need to regenerate it. The regeneration process can be different from one application to another, but the concept is till the same. 

You can do the regeneration through heating or purging the sieve bed with carrier gas. The purging might be necessary when the bed was in ethanol dehydration. The best of oxygen concentrator would be heating the zeolite in a high vacuum. 

The best regeneration temperature will be from 175 degrees C to 315 degrees C. This will largely depend on the use. You cannot use the same regeneration temperatures for silica gel. You only need to heat it at 120 degrees C for two hours in an oven. This should give you the best silica gel ready for use again. 

Once you have regenerated the lithium zeolite, it should be ready for more use until the next time you have to regenerate it once again. 

What is the Price of the Lithium Zeolite for Oxygen Concentrator?


As much as the price of the lithium zeolite is expect to be slightly higher, that should not worry you so much. Here at SWT we make it affordable. The final price is based upon various factors when you are placing the order. It will include the amount of lithium zeolite you want, the size, the form, and others. So, when requesting for a quote on lithium zeolite, let us know more about what you want in a lithium zeolite and we will give you the appropriate amount. 

Where Can You Buy the Lithium Zeolite for Oxygen Concentrator?


Getting your lithium zeolite should not be a problem. The chances are when you do a quick search online, you will come across different types of oxygen concentrators using the zeolites and the brands would also be selling the molecular sieves too. However, here at SWT we will give you a personalized experience to ensure you enjoy the machine and also our services. So, if you are ever looking for the best lithium zeolite, buy from SWT. 

What are the Industrial Applications of Lithium Zeolites?

lithium zeolite industrial applications

Below are some of the fields where you will get lithium zeolites being used. 

  • Agriculture 

The zeolites would have many applications in agriculture due to the high porosity and also impressive cation exchange capacity. Since they will not change their crystal structure, they can be options as fertilizer, chelators, and stabilizers too. This is because they would help in capturing, storage, and the slow release of nitrogen in the firms. Because of their large porosity, the zeolites will also increase the water holding capacity. This will in turn help in improving the moisture content of the soil. 

The zeolites are also capable of generally controlling the odor coming from the use organic manure. They would be able to absorb volatile substances such as butanoic acid and acetic acid. 

  • Aquaculture 

This is another option too for those who want to use zeolites. The zeolites play an important role are absorbents vital for treating the water to ensure it remains clean for aquaculture to be better. The zeolites will remove the toxic heavy metals ions and ammonia ions from the water thus improving the overall water conditions for fish growth. 

There is still more research on how to use this type of zeolite for aquaculture, but we all know it is a vital part of improving your aquaculture business. 

  • Healthcare use 

One thing is always sure, zeolites will be used in the healthcare sector more often than any other place. The zeolites would be used in ion exchange, catalysis, adsorption, and so much more. It does not matter whether it is natural or synthetic zeolites, they will have good applications in the healthcare sector. One of them is being used in an oxygen concentrator to leave you with a high purity oxygen stream. 

  • Petroleum refining process

Yes, you can find zeolites also being used in the petroleum refining process. The idea is to help you end up with high quality fuels. The zeolites can be used in different stages such as catalyst or adsorbent. It depends on what the manufacturer wants. 

You can see that there will be many applications of lithium zeolites. It just comes down to what you want. Talk to SWT for more details on using the lithium zeolites appropriately. 

Why is SWT the Best Supplier for Lithium Zeolite?

lithium zeolite best supplier

  • Reliable 

Buying the zeolites requires that you get them from a reliable brand. Here we are at SWT making some of the best zeolites for you. If you look at our reviews online, you should notice how many people are leaving positive reviews about their engagement with us. It just shows that we can help you get the best zeolites any time. 

  • Fast turnaround times

The turnaround times will always be important for any business. SWT understands this situation and thus you get quick turnarounds on our products. Even if we have to make from scratch, we will give you a realistic timeframe. The aim is to ensure you always get the products delivered on time so that you can handle your projects with ease and faster too. 

  • Customer care

In case you have had bad experience with other customer care teams before, that changes today. We are able to help you get the best information about the products you are buying. Anyone would want to know more about their products before actually buying. So, if you are ever unsure about anything, we are here to help you. 

  • Wide range of products

The wide range of products for you to consider is great. You will not just get the lithium zeolite, but there are many other options too. We do this because we understand applications are many. So, whichever application that you may have, we are likely to have a solution for you to consider. 

  • Competitive pricing 

Competitive pricing is what we like to offer to our clients. It is possible that at times you end up finding the lithium zeolites expensive. You should not resolve for the sodium type just because of the price. Talk to us to find out more about our competitive pricing and why you should get one from us. 

  • Experience and reputation 

SWT has the experience you have been looking for. We have been making the lithium zeolites for a while now. Well, there is still a good reputation accompanying our products. That is how you know that our products are good and why you should get them. 

  • Customizations possible 

Different clients may want different things for lithium zeolite. We know this and we ensure that is what you can find with us. This is through the customization of the zeolite to ensure that it works just as you want. We are ready to serve you, so talk to us whenever ready. 

Can Zeolites be Made from Lithium Slag?


Yes. This can a great way of making the lithium zeolite. For those who do not know, lithium slag is a solid by product that is generated from making lithium carbonate by using sulfuric acid method. Rather than having trouble disposing the lithium slag, you can use a method where you end up with lithium zeolite to help in handling various projects you may think of right now. 

Lithium slag is commonly used to make zeolite X though the hydrothermal reaction method where the slag is infused with alkaline solution. You are likely to come across lithium zeolite production methods that can help in coming up with the best performance zeolite. You can leave that to us to handle while you get the best performance product as the end product. 

The zeolite you get from lithium slag would always have impressive adsorption properties especially when it is used in nitrogen adsorption. Here is when the molecular sieve helps in the production of high quality and purity oxygen. 



It is easy right now to see how the lithium zeolite will be a great choice for you. It can have many other applications than what you already know. So, with more research, you should know where best to use such a product. Let us help you get the best zeolite today. Send us a message. 


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