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Activated Zeolite Powder
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  • manufacturing activated zeolite powder
  • High quality activated zeolite powder
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Activated Zeolite Powder Manufacturer

  • Multiple activated zeolite powder available 
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  • Useful for multiple industries 
  • Impressive moisture adsorption capacity 
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Your Reliable Activated Zeolite Powder Manufacturer

SWT is a world-class leader in the production of activated zeolite powder. People would always consider getting themselves such type of activated zeolite powder because of its impressive adsorptive features. One thing that you may not get with other desiccants is that this one has excellent moisture adsorption capacity. So, your process will be faster in ensuring there is no moisture or other contaminants. 

Some refer to the activated zeolite powder as a moisture scavenger. This means that the SWT-activated zeolite powder would remove water even better. That is why the product would be common in different industrial applications. We are talking of adhesive production, painting, sealant production, zinc coating, and so much more. 

Whenever moisture is removed, you end up with better product quality and also extended life. Just make sure that you are buying the quality activated zeolite powder from SWT. We will of course give you more tips on how best to maintain and care for activated zeolite powder. Our technical team is also available to help you further in case you have more questions. 

Just like the zeolite powder, you will also get multiple types of activated zeolite powder. They include 3A, 13X, 4A, and 5A. Whenever you need a different type other than the ones mentioned, just let us know and we will make it happen. If you are ready, let SWT start working on your order.

  • Polysulfide and silicone systems
  • Carriers for chemicals for controlled release
  • Processing aid for polymer production
  • Desiccant for the production of polymer desiccant materials
  • Cosmetics additive
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3a Activated zeolite powder
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Activated Zeolite Powder: Fast and Efficient Desiccant


When you want molecular sieves for various uses, you will definitely find activated zeolite powder as one of the options. The powder can have just as many benefits if not more than when using the beads and pellets. If you have not used the activated zeolite powder before, it is time to try it out. However, we do an in-depth guide on the product for you to learn even more. 

What is Activated Zeolite Powder?

activated zeolite powder type

The activated zeolite powder can be seen as a good adsorbent of moisture like other types of molecular sieves. Because of its excellent performance in adsorbing moisture, you will find it great for various applications in the industry. We are talking of options such as the zinc coating sector, painting, adhesive production, and sealant production too. 

The activated zeolite powder would be great for scavenging moisture regardless of the stream that you use. When moisture is removed from a product, it will definitely have an improved shelf life. Moisture will often lead to problems such as molds. 

What are the Types of Activated Zeolite Powder are Available?

types of activated zeolite powder

For those in need of the product, learning about the overall performance of the zeolite powder is important. Before all that, here are the types of activated zeolite powder you can buy from SWT. 

  • 3A activated zeolite powder

This is a synthetic zeolite powder that is made of the type A crystal structure. The zeolite powder would be effective for the removal of moisture thanks to the 3A pore opening. So, anything that is smaller than 3 angstroms would be adsorbed by this type. 

The structure and pore size makes the type great for dealing with moisture problems. It would also be great to remove moisture from paintings to avoid bubbles formation. Also, you would expect better service life of a product with moisture removed. 

  • 4A activated zeolite powder

This is just like the other type mentioned above. The difference is that it will have the sodium ions rather than the potassium ions for the 3A type above. Also, the pore size is 4 angstroms making it better at adsorbing more compounds. 

You would find that it would be great for adsorbing molecules such as oxygen and nitrogen better than other sieves and desiccants. It is why it would be ideal for applications including painting, pastes, and adhesives. 

Whenever water is eliminated in some processes, there is increased efficiency and better service life. 

  • 5A activated zeolite powder

When it gets to the type 5A, the sodium ions are exchanged for the calcium ions. For this reason, you end up with a product having a larger pore size. The pore size is now 5 angstroms. With such a larger pore size, the zeolite powder can now adsorb even more compounds in a stream. You would now find it being a popular choice for adsorbing C3 and C4 alkanes, butanol, and so much more. 

The zeolite powder still gets more uses including the separation of the n-isomeric hydrocarbons and also the co-adsorption of carbon dioxide and water. 

  • 13x activated zeolite powder

This one has a different structure compared to the type A types mentioned above. It will have the type X crystal structure. This is formed after the dehydration of the sodium form. In most cases, this would have an effective pore opening of 10 angstroms. 

The increased moisture adsorption capacity is always a welcomed idea when using this type of product. It would also help in adsorbing of acid gases including carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfate. So, it can have many other applications depending on the field of choice. 

What are the Technical Features of Activated Zeolite Powder Types?

applications of activated zeolite powder

Understanding each types technical features can help you see where best to use one when it comes to the applications. 

The 3A type will have a static water adsorption of 24.5% of its weight. This is when the relative humidity is at 50% and the temperature at 25 degrees C. The pH value is less than 11, so that you can use it in the right places. 

The 4A type, on the other hand, will have improved static water adsorption at 26%. This is if the relative humidity and temperature are kept the same. 

The 5A model would also have a good static water adsorption of 26% when the conditions are maintained. Even the pH value will still be 11 just as it was for the other two options mentioned above. 

The 13X type generally has improved static water adsorption capacity. We are talking of greater than 30%. Remember that all of these were established when the temperature and relative humidity were maintained at the same rate. 

So, seeing how the various types of activated zeolite powders behave, you would choose appropriately always. 

What are the Major Applications of Activated Zeolite Powder?


It is best to understand where you would use the product before buying. Here are the top applications of activated zeolite powder.

  • Polyurethane industry 

Moisture is potentially everywhere, but the last thing someone wants is to have it in the polyurethane product. The product would easily adsorb the moisture in the polyurethane ensuring that it remains void of any air bubbles. The air bubbles on a polyurethane coating would generally decrease its overall lifespan. 

Controlling moisture is not always easy. The last thing you want if you also have to regulate the humidity and heat. So, it is best to use the zeolite powder in removal of the moisture leaving you with high quality products always. 

  • Adsorption of carbon monoxide 

We all know that carbon monoxide is a dangerous gas. This is not only to humans, but also other processes in the industry. This is especially when there is the use of a multidirectional catalyst. It would generally cause harm to the process and sometimes lead to low quality products. As a result, there is the need for the zeolite powder to remove CO. 

Also, the same would help in removal of carbon dioxide, water vapor, and the sulfur gas in the stream. Since the zeolite powder has impressive adsorption capacity, this would be a great way to utilize it. 

Is Activated Zeolite Powder a Better Adsorbent than Silica Gel?

activated zeolite powder vs silica gel

Both zeolite powder and silica gel are great desiccants. The difference mostly is based on their capacity and how to regenerate them. Also, they would also have same applications while at times they can be different. It depends on the choice. 

One of the biggest differences would be the performance criteria. The zeolite powder would generally have a better adsorption capacity at low humidity levels. At this level, silica gel would not do just as good. However, you should find some applications that can use the functionality of silica gel. They would have the same moisture retention when the room temperature is 25 degrees C and the relative humidity is 40%. 

It is worth noting that the zeolite powder would generally have a higher rate of water or moisture adsorption. As a result, it will help in the removal of moisture faster compared to using silica gel. 

The moisture molecules would easily fit in the pores of the activated zeolite powder than when using silica gel desiccants. You would now achieve faster specific levels of RH whenever using the zeolite powder especially in pharmaceutical packaging. 

The features of both desiccants are also affected whenever the temperature is raised. You will find that the silica gel capacity has a lower adsorptive capacity with the increase in temperature. Things are different for the zeolite powder. For it, it will tend to still have excellent moisture retention even at the higher temperatures. This is thanks to having a uniform structure which binds to the water molecules better at high temperatures too. 

So, whenever you pick your next desiccant always pick based on your needs for one. 

Can Activated Zeolite Powder Be Used in Packaging of Foods?


Moisture regulation cannot be understated when seeking to handle packaged foods. Whenever there is increased moisture in a room or when storing of foods, it will result in low quality foods. Also, the packaging can deteriorate with time. It is then vital to use desiccants such as the activated zeolite powder to help in keeping the moisture content low. 

There can be several options for desiccants when handling food. However, activated zeolite powder seems to stand out even more. The powder would mostly be used to a wide range of options in terms of food. They include nuts, spices, dried fruits, and more. Here at SWT we recommend that you always evaluate the various types of zeolite powder to use the correct one for the procedure. 

You may also get that dried food applications always wants to use desiccants such as the silica gel, molecular sieves, and more. The desiccants are placed in tear-resistant but moisture permeable packets. So, even when placed in a packaging, they will remove the moisture without affecting the quality of the food product. 

Other than moisture adsorption, the zeolite powder may also help with controlling odor when used in combination with activated carbon. 

What are the Alternatives to Use as Desiccants other than Activated Zeolite Powder?

activated zeolite powder desiccants

Activated zeolite is definitely one of the best choices you can ever make when you want a desiccant. Even if that is the case, you also need alternatives from time to time depending on where you want to use the desiccant or budget too. Here are the alternatives. 

The most popular would be silica gel. This type has small beads that are made of silicon dioxide. They would be effective in adsorbing of moisture at room temperature. They are mostly paired with products with an aim of improving the shelf life of the product. They can also be used in medicine, beverages and more. Other than adsorbing water, silica gel can also adsorb ammonia, alcohols, diolefins, and more. 

The second alternative is activated alumina. It is a porous desiccant that is made of aluminum hydroxide material. Because of this, you end up with a desiccant featuring high adsorption capability. This would make it an effective product for drying gases, biomaterials, drinking water, and also fluoride absorption. 

You also get options such as calcium oxide and calcium sulfide. Calcium oxide can often be referenced as quick lime too. It is mostly meant for absorbing large amounts of water vapor mostly at low humidity levels. Once it has taken up moisture, you will notice that it swells. The downside is that it is slower at adsorbing the water. 

Calcium sulfide on the other hand is a desiccant made from dehydrated gypsum material. You would find that it is not so common because it has a low absorptive performance. Also, it tends to have a shorter lifespan. 

Well, SWT is the best supplier of desiccants. Whichever type that you need, we are here to help. 

How is the Activated Zeolite Used in Refrigerant Drying?


For those who do not know, a refrigerant is vital for the overall performance of your freezer or fridge. However, it gets to a point that it needs proper drying to keep it in good condition. The refrigerant that you have comes with a filter drier. The filter drier needs the right desiccant so that it can do its job well. 

Whenever picking the desiccant, the common choice would the zeolite powder. This type of desiccant is chosen based on its water absorbing capacity. It is able to remove the moisture faster and in larger quantities too. Whenever you compare it to the other desiccants, you would see why more people consider this type of activated zeolite. 

Another possible choice is activated alumina too. This would also help in the removal of moisture in the refrigerant; however, it would not have the best retention capacity as zeolite powder. So, it would only be used when necessary. 

SWT sells high quality zeolite powder that you need for handling your drying applications. For those who do not understand how best to use it, we are always here to explain further. 

Why Do People Go for Activated Zeolite Powder rather than Beads?

activated zeolite beads

Most people know that zeolites are essential for being used as desiccants. What they tend to forget is that they will come in different forms. The forms are powder, paste, beads, and pellets. It does not matter which format that you want as we will have them all available for you to pick one for yourself. 

The beads are the most common. You would find them mostly being used in various industrial applications including the filtration systems such as the breathing equipment and gas streams. That is how you find the beads in the oxygen generators

Now unto the powder option. For this case, you will that powder is loved for having higher dispensability generally. Also, it would adsorb molecules of moisture quicker than when using beads and pellets. Because of the powder format, such a product would have a wider surface area. So, the water absorption is generally faster for you to use it for specific applications. 

Zeolite powder is mostly reserved for specialized use. We find that it would be commonly used as an additive to product such as polymers and paint too for the removal of air bubbles and moisture. You can still mix it with other active ingredients as a way of helping reduce moisture in the air. 

Production of sealants and adhesives can easily be compromised with the presence of water and moisture. The zeolite powder used in the manufacturing process would help prevent further degradation in the final product. 

Most people would also consider it because it generally makes things easier. The powder form means you can add it to processes faster. 

If you can find this a great choice, SWT can guide you further to see how best you can use the activated zeolite powder for your needs. 

Is it Easy to Activate Zeolite Powder?

activated zeolite powder type

The zeolite powder works by adsorbing molecules based on the size of its pores. The size of the pores would only be vital for some applications. However, it can only work if the pores are not already saturated. It can be either moisture or other compounds. It is why you need to activate the zeolite powder before using it. 

Activating zeolite powder is not hard. The most basic requirement is that you need to expose the powder to super high temperatures. We are talking of temperatures such as 170 to 312 degrees C. This temperature is enough to help in vaporizing the adsorbate such as water. 

You can also get another option which is vacuum drying. This procedure is quicker and will not need heating the zeolite powder at high temperatures. This means that you can even save on energy. Whichever method that you want, SWT can help you see through it. 

Once it is activated, you can go ahead to start using in your application. For those who want to store it, consider doing so in an air tight container. You could also use a film to ensure that you keep the moisture from easily getting in. The aim is to keep the zeolite powder from easily adsorbing moisture again. 

How do you Check if the Zeolite Powder is Still Active?


Checking if it is still active is easy. Place it in your hand and add water. Once crucial thing is that do not forget to wear gloves. If the zeolite powder is active, its temperature will rise significantly and can lead to a burn. If you notice the increase in temperature, you should know that the powder is still active and can be used for the various applications. 

You are always advised to use PPE kits such as gloves and safety glassed during this process. Just like that, you would have tested to see if the zeolite powder is still good for use or not. 

How Much Moisture Would Activated Zeolite Powder Adsorb?


Anyone who is looking to invest in zeolite powder needs to know this information. You would different adsorption rates and capacities based on the type of zeolite that you pick. What is important is that the adsorption rate would be determined by the pore size. The larger the pore size, the faster the zeolite powder. We can say that the 13X would be the one with the largest adsorption rate. This is because its pore size is 10A. 

The ionic forces the build up in the zeolite powder structures determine also the water adsorption capacity. This is due to ions from the compounds such as sodium, potassium, and calcium used to make the activated zeolite powders. If the absorptive forces are stronger, then you can expect the capacity to also be great. 

Check with us for specific numbers on the adsorption capacity of the different types of zeolite powders. 

Should You Buy Activated Zeolite Powder from SWT?

why buy activated zeolite powder

  • Quick responses

One thing that you want from a company is the quick reponses so that you can have better understanding of what you are buying. That is what the team at SWT will do for you. We will guide you through the range of zeolite powders to ascertain which one would be best for your application. 

  • Professionals 

We are a team of professionals who understand what we are dealing with. It is then vital that you talk to us to find out more. Also, all the team members are professionals. This ensures that when you contact anyone of us, you are sure the person knows everything zeolites. 

  • Experience 

Having over two decades of experience should be enough to convince you that we do a good job on your project. It is for this reason we find working with the same clients repeatedly because they like our products. You too can now work with a company that understands its products well. 

  • High quality products 

You will like the high-quality products we make. This includes the zeolite powder too. This is to show you that you can always bank on us to give you the best product generally. So, let us help you today to find the best desiccant you need for an application. 



The activated zeolite powder would definitely be great for using as a desiccant. We have given you all the tips that you need on how to use it above and how best it can benefit you. If you ever have more questions, we are here to help you further. Talk to us right now. 


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